Anti Bullying orders

Anti Bullying Orders – In 2014 the Fair Work Act was amended to allow employees who believe that they are being bullied in the workplace to apply to the FWC for an anti bullying order. Section 797FC

Upon receiving the application the FWC would investigate the matter within 14 days and if warranted issue the order

Failure to comply with the order could result in a fine for the person named in the order

Quarterly statistics – Complaints & Stop Bullying order applications against managers

October 2016 – December 2016 – 81% of total applications (Includes managers, groups of managers and Board members)

July 2016 – Sept 2016 – 89.6%

April to June 2016 – 82.5%

January to March 2016 – 65% of total applications

October to December 2015 – 65% of total applications

July to September 2015 – 75% of total applications

April to June 2015 – 72% of total applications

Link to quarterly reports –

These figures from the fair Work Commission  illustrate the high percentage of application for order made against managers.  These sort of numbers make understanding reasonable management action and complaint handling absolutely essential for managers at all levels.

AWPTI provides the Management Essentials program that is designed to assist managers to deal with employment related issues, it comprises of three sections;

1. Reasonable Management Action,
2. Performance Management,
3. Dealing with Misconduct and Employee Complaint Handling for Managers

This training is recommended for all managers/team leaders/supervisors to help minimise costly and time consuming complaints against managers

The training is conducted by highly qualified and experienced workplace investigators who deal with complaints against managers on a daily basis.  The training is not theory based, it is based on actually complaints and issues experience by managers.

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