Investigations face to face or remotely via Zoom – Training now ‘Live by Request’ remotely via Zoom

Let us solve your problems

Workplace investigations into issues such as complaints, misconduct and grievances can be a difficult, time consuming and stressful for the parties concerned. Let us assist you with timely and professional workplace investigations.

Workplace Training

We can help build your HR team

Workplace Investigation Training – Complaints of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment are becoming more common in Australian workplaces.

We can train your managers

To understand Reasonable Management Action, Performance Management and Complaint Handling. Recommended for all managers/team.

Reduce Compliance risks

By training your staff to understand their behavioural responsibilities you will help to address and reduce bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.


HR Products to assist you

Make your life easier with our full range of HR products including manuals, an investigation document tool box and training programs.

Information centre

Here you will find useful articles on subjects such as workplace investigation, unfair dismissal and other employment law issues.

Valuable time

Free up your valuable time

Workplace investigations can be very time consuming, especially when there are other things that need to be done. Let us take away the stress and allow you to concentrate on other things as we free up your time

Resolve people problems & conflict

Resolve people problems & conflicts

Not all disputes in the workplace require an investigation.  After an initial assessment if this is the case, we can assist and help you to effectively resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Supporting your organisation

We can provide you with support including reviewing and creating policies, job descriptions, training programs and contracts.

AWPTI provides Workplace Investigation and Training services based in Sydney and operating throughout Australia.

If you are a Manager, HR Manager or business owner you may have to deal with workplace issues including complaints, grievances, performance management, misconduct, bullying, harassment and other interpersonal related disputes. We can assist by taking away the stress by conducting professional and timely workplace investigations into these issues. We can also provide your employees, managers and HR professionals with interesting and engaging workplace training.

AWPTI is a Commercial and Private Investigator Master Licence  holder, number 411939151

Our Mission

At Australian Workplace Training & Investigation (AWPTI)  our mission is to provided your business with experts who will conduct interesting and engaging workplace training and/or cost effective, timely and professional workplace investigations in to issues, complaints and grievances such as misconduct, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination. Workplace issues have the potential to damage your business or organisation.  Unresolved disputes and complaints can lead to disruption to the business, litigation and worker compensation claims. We also provide consultancy services and advice in all areas of HR.

An effective way to minimise workplaces issues and satisfy your duty of care is education and training.  Australian Workplace Training & Investigation provides training programs that are practical and engaging covering the areas of complaint handling for managers; performance management and reasonable management action; misconduct investigation training for HR professionals and managers and bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination for all employees.

Testimonials from some of our past clients can be found here.

Where do we operate?

AWPTI is  based in Sydney. We  conduct investigations throughout Australia.  Currently due to workplace restrictions and many people working from home we are conducting investigations remotely via Zoom and MS Teams. We still offer the option of face to face investigations

We provide workplace training services nationwide. Like our investigation services we are currently conducting training remotely via Zoom and MS Teams. We still offer the option of face to face training.

In addition to misconduct issues relating to bullying and harassment, we provide expert investigation  into fraud, theft, misuse of resources,  breach of duties and Codes of Conduct and a range of other investigative assistance  that  can reduce the stress of trying to understand workplace legislation and investigations.

Combining years of investigative experience, hands on knowledge of  workplace investigation principles and laws, particularly those relating to procedural and substantive fairness, government and private sector workplace policies, Australian Workplace Training & Investigation has helped a large number of private and public sector clients by providing comprehensive investigations of workplace complaints efficiently, expeditiously and fairly.

We ensure that all out investigations and training programs are consistent with the requirements of the Fair Work Commission and relevant State Industrial Relations Commissions.