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Bullying investigations Sydney – Complaints of bullying in the workplace are commonplace and it is recommended that employees respond in a timely and professional manner.

Workplace bullying is any behaviour that is repeated, systematic and directed towards an employee or group of employees that a reasonable person, having regard to the circumstances, would expect to victimise, humiliate, undermine, or threaten and which creates a risk to health and safety.

Workplace bullying can include:

  • Abusive, insulting or offensive language.
  • Behaviour or language that frightens, humiliates, belittles or degrades; including criticism that is delivered with yelling and screaming
  • Teasing or regularly making someone the brunt of practical jokes
  • Displaying material that is degrading or offending
  • Spreading gossip, rumours and innuendo of a malicious nature

Violence, assault and stalking are extreme forms of bullying that constitute criminal offences. Such behaviour should be reported directly to the police, examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Harmful or offensive initiation practices
  • Physical assault or unlawful threats

Workplace bullying can also be subtle & could include behaviour such as:

  • Deliberately excluding, isolating or marginalising a person from normal workplace activities
  • Intruding on a person’s space by pestering, spying or tampering with their personal effects or work equipment
  • Intimidating a person through inappropriate personal comments, belittling opinions or unjustified criticism

Covert behaviour that undermines, treats less favourably or disempowers others is also bullying; for example:

  • Overloading a person with work
  • Setting timelines that are very difficult to achieve or constantly changing deadlines
  • Setting tasks that are unreasonably beyond a person’s ability
  • Ignoring or isolating a person
  • Deliberately denying access to information, consultation or resources
  • Unfair treatment in relation to accessing workplace entitlements, such as leave or training or failure to provide adequate training

Workplace bullying can take place in person, through a secondary person or other persons or via remote communications such as telephone, email or the internet.

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or online chat forums for bullying purposes in or outside the workplace can constitute workplace bullying if it forms part of a pattern, or is an extension of bullying that has or is occurring in the workplace or is directed at a fellow employee.

When investigating workplace bullying it is important to get all the facts and evidence, conduct the process in a timely and professional manner and make determinations  adhering to procedural fairness guidelines.

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