Workplace Bullying Harassment Training NSW ACT – Australian Workplace Training & Investigation (AWPTI) provides workplace training tailored to suit your business requirements through-out NSW and the ACT in the areas of;

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Reasonable Management Action
  • Performance management
  • Other forms of misconduct including
  • Misuse of IT, internet and email
  • Misuse of resources
  • Breaches of Code and Conduct and policies
  • Social media
  • Acceptable behaviour at work functions
  • Fair Work Act – unfair dismissal

All of our courses are reality based, our case studies are taken from actual complaints and actual investigations.  Our facilitators are workplace investigators and lawyers who have investigated every type of complaint and grievance imaginable.

We have found that listening to the ‘war stories’ makes the training highly engaging and enjoyable for the participants. Our programs all come with a comprehensive resource workbook.

Workplace Bullying Harassment Training NSW ACT – Our training is designed to help employees at all levels to understand what is and what is not workplace misconduct and to help managers and HR professionals to deal with complaints and take all reasonable stop to eliminate and address misconduct in the workplace in a fair and timely manner.

Our courses provide participants with practical skills to enable employees to recognise what is and what is not bullying, harassment and discrimination and offer strategies to deal with bullying and sexual harassment effecting people at events in the workplace and also the opportunity to analyse and discuss real complaints and investigations

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AWPTI – workplace investigation Sydney and through-out NSW, QLD and Victoria. Workplace training national wide
Misconduct investigations, bullying investigations, harassment investigations & sexual harassment investigations, complaint investigations, grievance investigations, discrimination investigations

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