Workplace Bullying Training – What are you doing?

Workplace bullying can be costly to employers and organisations thought the loss of valuable staff, loss or productivity and the potential for legal cost and compensation payouts. For employees it can lead to psychological trauma and life life mental health issues.

Addressing workplace bullying is essential and one way of doing this is Workplace Bullying Training.

WorkSafe Victoria will conduct a series of workshops over the next three years to give business owners information about how to recognise, prevent and manage workplace bullying, and how to better help employees return to work after suffering mental health injuries associated with bullying behaviour.

Targeted inspections will also be conducted in the local area focusing on industries with the higher number of mental injury claims lodged due to workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying is a serious breach of workplace health and safety laws and employers tolerating it risk prosecution.

“Of the 26,000 injury claims lodged with WorkSafe in 2016, more than 3100 were for mental injuries, and 1260 of those mentioned bullying as a cause,” said WorkSafe’s Executive Director of Health and Safety, Marnie Williams.

“The insidious nature of bullying means that often the damage is done long before an injured worker makes a WorkCover claim, which is why it is essential employers have prevention measures in place and work with employees to identify unacceptable behaviour and deal with it immediately.”

Ms. Williams said workplace bullying will never be acceptable under any circumstances.

“Workplace bullying is characterized by persistent and repeated negative behaviour directed at an employee that creates a risk to health and safety,” said Ms. Williams.

“WorkSafe is committed to helping employers and workers manage these types of risks, and to take action where it is appropriate to do so.”

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