Complaint & Misconduct Investigation Training Sydney

AWPTI will be conducting basic Complaint and Misconduct Investigation Training for HR professionals, managers and business owners in the Sydney CBD on 26 & 27 September 2017.

Why do HR professionals, managers and business owners need to have an understanding of how to deal with complaints and misconduct in the workplace?

  • As a HR professional,  manager or business owner you may be the first port of call for someone making a complaint
  • As a HR professional,  manager or business owner you may be the person that becomes aware of employee misconduct
  • It is important that you deal with misconduct and/or receive complaints in a proper manner and take some sort of action
  • Types of action can include
    • Informal enquiries
    • Formal investigation
    • Dispute resolution
  • Before you take any action, it is important to understand what the complaint is
  • Failure to act could result in a breach of a duty of care and a claim of negligence or successful unfair dismissal application by terminated employees

We have designed a course specifically for HR professionals, managers and business owners to help them understand the process and the legalities such as reasonable management action, performance management, procedural fairness, conflict of interest, bias and unfair dismissal.

This course is insurance for your business.


When: Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 September, 9am to 4pm
Where: The University of Notre Dame Sydney, Pioneer House 140 Broadway Sydney
How to get there: 10 minute walk from central railway or park in the Broadway shopping centre, 1 Bay Street Broadway (Link)

$1250.00, also includes
* The comprehensive resource/workbook.
* Templates investigation documents including letters to parties, interview plans and scripts, investigation plans and statement templates
* The AWPTI Investigation Interview and Procedural Fairness Manuals
* Lunch, morning tea both days

BONUS: 4 staff members for the price of 3.

Please note – Places are limited

Enquiries and further details

Course details

    • Reasonable management Action
    • Types of complaints – definitions of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination
    • Why do managers and business owners get complaints
    • Performance management to avoid complaints
    • Dealing with misconduct & complaint handling
    • Investigation fundamentals
    • Planning investigations
    • The Complaint Analysis Chart
    • Interview room set up & building rapport
    • Types of questions to ask and not to ask
    • Interview planning
    • Interviewing complainants and witnesses
    • Evidence
    • Drafting legally complaint allegations
    • Interviewing respondents
    • Making findings
    • Report writing
    • The Investigation toolbox
    • Legal responsibilities
  • The course includes role plays with facilitators and actors playing the parts of complainants, witnesses and alleged perpetrators
  • This course provides participants with:
    • Practical skills to enable HR professionals, managers and business owners to investigate misconduct and employee complaints in the workplace and to understand and identify the type of complaint and to access the best method to deal with the complaint
    • The opportunity to hear and discuss real investigations
    • The opportunity to analyse scenarios to develop skills to identify issue and formulate interview plans
    • The opportunity to develop and practice their interviewing skills by interviewing actors in the roles of complainants, witnesses and respondents
    • Feedback on their interviews and tips and tactics from professional investigators.

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