Has the fear of bullying claims put a freeze on performance management?

As a workplace investigator there are times when at least 50% of the complaints I investigate stem from employee disaffection with being performance managed.

So what are the issues

Not dealing with poor performance when it arises, and hoping it all improves with time.

This is very common, not only does it mean that issues are not addressed, more importantly it gives the employee the sense that everything is OK, they are doing fine.

Unfortunately when that employee is approached by a manager who suggests that their performance is not up to where it should be the reaction is often shock and disbelief which translates in many cases to, you must be wrong, there is nothing wrong with what I am doing, why are you picking on me, this is bullying, this is harassment!!

Performance management is not bullying or harassment it is reasonable management action – when it is conducted in a reasonable manner.

When employers don’t want to confront an employee because they personally find it challenging and anticipate that the employee will also, they tend to give bland mixed messages which don’t convey the full picture to the employee.

Many managers don’t like to deliver bad news, unfortunately many managers are ‘gun shy’ and are worried about upsetting people and getting complaints.

If you are a manager you are going to have to manage. If you manage there is a chance you are going to get complaints even if you are in the right and have followed the correct process. You cannot stop employees from complaining, remember in their mind, you are wrong, there is nothing wrong with their performance, so why are you picking on them, this must be bullying, this must be harassment!!

If you have an effective Performance management in place, dive it get it done.

Not acting to terminate employment when it has become clear that performance has gone way below the acceptable level and isn’t improving.

There are many reasons why an employee is reluctant to terminate and I have heard these reasons on a number of occasions;

  • The employee is a good person
  • The employee has a family
  • The employee is trying hard

In these cases an effective performance management process can often resolve the situation but as a manger you have to dive in and get it done.

Other reasons,

  • Fear of a bullying complaint
  • Fear of an unfair dismissal application
  • Fear of legal action.

If you have an effective performance management and a trusted investigation process in place, and assuming you have followed that process you will be able to defend actions against you, so stop worrying and dive in and get it done.

Now, if you don’t have effective performance management and a trusted investigation process in place it’s time to get on the phone and call an expert and start by getting some training in how to conduct effective performance management. The money you spend may save you much more in the future, plus not having to worry………….. That’s priceless.

So what does an investigator know about performance management? We see it when it goes wrong, we see the mistakes, and we see it when the proper process has been followed but complaints are still made and of course we investigate the complaints.

To help businesses overcome these problems, I have designed a performance management program that will ensure that when someone like me comes along to investigate a complaint against you, you have ticked all the boxes, crosses the t’s and dotted the i’s.

Don’t get caught fearing performance management.

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