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We know that bullying, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace is stressful to the victims, but it is often forgotten that the responsibility for dealing with and/or investigating these matters can also be very stressful on managers and HR professionals.

I wonder if this stress is the cause of investigations either not being done at all or being done in a less than effective manner. Managers and HR professionals are often blamed if they get it wrong, or take to long and you can’t please everyone all the time.

  • As a manager or HR professional you may be the first port of call for someone making a complaint
  • As a manager or HR professional  you may be the person that becomes aware of employee misconduct
  • It is important that you deal with misconduct and/or receive and deal with complaints in a proper manner
  • You must take some sort of action
  • Types of action can include
    • Informal enquiries
    • Formal investigation
    • Dispute resolution
  • Before you take any action, it is important to understand what the complaint is.
  • Failure to act could result in
    • A breach of a duty of care and a claim of negligence
    • Damage to the health and well being of the complainant
    • Unnecessary stress on all parties
    • Damage to the workplace envoronment
    • Damage to the brand image of the organisation

As you can see a lot rides how managers or HR professionals react to complaints in the workplace. So how can organisations take the stress off managers and HR professionals?, It’s not rocket science it’s a matter of training.

Train you managers to enable them to conduct timely and professional workplace investigations or to recognise when it is time to call in an external expert professorial.

To investigation complaints in the workplace you need to have skills in the following areas;

  • Complaint analysis
  • Investigation planning
  • The investigation process
  • Procedural Fairness
  • Planning and conducting interviews including
    • An understanding of the interview process
    • An understanding of reasonable and appropriate interview techniques and questions
    • How to get the best out an interview
  • Drafting allegations
  • Report writing
  • Making recommendations.

As a manager or HR professional in addition to expertise and skill in the investigation process, you will need an up to date knowledge of the law especially the Fair Work Act and the Work Health & Safety Act and how to apply them to your internal matters and also relate the law to your polices and processes, remember a lot rests on the outcome of your investigation including;

  • The heath of the victim
  • The future of the person subject of the complaint it is it substantiated
  • The future of working relationships in the organisation.
  • Potential for court action in the case of a claim of a breach of a duty of care
  • The potential for for unfair dismissal action if someone is terminated.

Getting it right the first time every time is not a ‘nice to have’ it’s an ‘essential to have’.

Don’t let your managers or HR professionals down. How can your organisation help to limit the stress on managers or HR professionals – get them trained.

Managers HR Professionals Investigation Training Sydney NSW

The AWPTI Investigating Workplace Misconduct PLUS is a 2 day course that covers

  • Reasonable Management Action
  • Types of complaints
  • Why do managers get complaints
  • Investigating misconduct and complaint handling
  • Why investigate
  • Investigation fundamentals
  • The investigation process
  • Planning investigations
  • Interviewing complainants and witnesses
  • Evidence
  • Drafting legally complaint allegations
  • Interviewing respondents
  • Making findings
  • Report writing
  • The Investigation toolbox
  • Interview room set up
  • Interview planning
  • Types of questions to ask
  • Investigative interview technique
  • Analysing and evaluating evidence
  • Role plays with facilitators and actors playing the parts of complainants, witnesses and alleged perpetrators

Course provides participants with:

  • Practical skills to enable HR professionals and managers investigate misconduct and employee complaints in the workplace and to understand and identify the type of complaint and to access the best method to deal with the complaint
  • The opportunity to hear and discuss real investigations
  • The opportunity to work through an investigation based on a real world scenario from receipt of the complaint to final report including interviewing all the parties
  • Analyse scenarios to develop skills to identify issue and formulate investigation and interview plans
  • Develop and practice their interviewing skills by interviewing actors in the roles of complainants, witnesses and respondents
  • Receive feedback on their interviews and tips and tactics from professional investigators.
  • Provide you with the experience to know that even with your training it is time to call in an expert

More details of the course can be found here –

In House courses

Due to current demand we are conducting these courses internally for organisations that want 4 or more managers or HR professionals with our trainer coming to you are a time to suit you.  Please contact us at

Public courses

We are seeking expressions of interest for a public course to be held in the Sydney CBD in December or January. If you would like to know more and/or go onto our waiting list please contact us at

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