Sexual Harassment Complaints Are you READY part 1 – dealing with complaints internally, do you have the processes, documents and guides in place at your organisation.

With the increasing publicity surrounding sexual harassment in Hollywood and the #MeToo campaign it may only a matter of time before there is an increase in the reporting of sexual harassment complaints in the workplace, is your organisation ready to deal with complaints internally?

Responding promptly and correctly is in the best interests of victims and the organisation.

If you receive a complaint of sexual harassment it is vitally important that;

  1. You respond in a timely and professional manner with a thorough investigation of the complaint.
  2. Your response is fair and balanced taking into accounts the needs of all the parties.
  3. Your investigation is carried out in a professional manner taking into account the investigative procedure, procedural fairness, the rules of evidence and is legislatively compliant.

An important part of any investigation into complaints of sexual harassment is having and using the correct investigation documents.

If your organisation does not have access to a full suite of workplace investigation documents, AWPTI can assist with our comprehensive Investigation Document Toolbox contains 35 documents and an Investigation Interview Manual, full details here

We are also able to provide manuals including Procedural fairness and Reasonable Management Action – HR Products

AWPTI can also provide training for your employees detailing the behavioural expectation of your organisation –

We can also provide training for your HR professionals and managers to ensure that they are able to conduct investigations into complaints of sexual harassment in an effective manner –

Sexual Harassment Complaints Are you READY part 1 – Failure to investigate sexual harassment complaints properly can lead to serious consequences for victims and at times the potential for litigation in relation to a breach of the employers duty of care, this can be very expensive –

Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox

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