Workplace bullying building trust – a recent article in HRD reference a A recent study conducted by Bupa that found a not so surprising link between trust and employee retention, with 53% of employees citing it as a major factor in whether they left a role. Article here

A great way to promote or destroy trust can be found in the way employers respond to incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.  From an employees perspective seeing something done builds trust, watching as nothing is done destroys trust.

I have conducted a number of investigations where I have heard comment such as “there was no point reporting this in the past, nothing ever happens.” when I hear this I consider it to be a systematic failure on the part of the organisation and in such cases it is not uncommon for staff to leave.

Workplace bullying building trust – It is a problem for employers when they are losing good staff only to be left with the bullies.

Workplace bullying building trust – What can employers do to build trust?

  1. Have a policy in place that sets out the behavioural expectations of the organisation.
  2. Have a trusted reporting mechanism in place for workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct. It is important to remember, the mechanism will only be result if the reporters see action.
  3. Have a timely process in place to fairly, professionally investigate complaints of workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct.

It is important that;

  1. The process to be transparent, remember trust coming from seeing something done
  2. Parties involved are kept up to date with the progress of any investigation.
  3. The person assigned to investigate the complaint has the skill, experience and time to do so in a fair and unbiased manner. If that can’t be achieved consider using an external investigator.

AWPTI can assist you with complete investigation services, however if you wish to DIY we suggest that you purchase our comprehensive Workplace Investigation Toolbox that contains 40 documents and manuals

  1. Step by step workplace investigation instructions (20 documents) (pdf)
  2. Complaint Analysis Chart (pdf)
  3. Investigation Flow Chart (pdf)
  4. Investigation Interview Manual (pdf)
  5. Procedural Fairness Manual (pdf)
  6. Reasonable Management Action Manual (pdf)
  7. Sexual harassment Manual (pdf)
  8. Evidence Manual (pdf)
  9. Template Risk Assessment form (Word doc)
  10. Template investigation plans x 2 (Word doc)
  11. Template letter to the complainant (Word doc)
  12. Template letter to the witnesses (Word doc)
  13. Template initial letter to the respondent (Word doc)
  14. Template letter of allegation to the respondent (Word doc)
  15. Template complainant interview guide/script (Word doc)
  16. Template witness interview guide/script (Word doc)
  17. Template respondent interview guide/script (Word doc)
  18. Sample witness statement (Word doc)
  19. Sample interim report (Word doc)
  20. Sample final investigation report (Word doc)

The word Docs allow you to use the templates and customise them for your investigation. Click here for further details or to purchase for only $795.00

If you don’t wish to purchase the entire toolbox you can purchase the manuals separately – More details

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