Workplace Bullying Complaint Investigations

Workplace Bullying Complaint Investigations a HR or WHS issues?

Having investigated 100s of workplace bullying complaint investigation and conducted many training sessions. I have found that the requests/engagements have always come from the HR department or another senior manager (if there is no dedicated HR) but never from a manager involved in safety or WHS.

Would a shift in responsibility for the handling of bullying and harassment complaints and training from HR to WHS/HSE affect the process and how bullying and harassment was viewed and dealt with in the workplace?

Should workplace bullying be teat like any other health hazard in the workplace?

An important consideration is how bullying/harassment complaints are addressed by external agencies. In my experience a complaint of bullying/harassment is often accompanied by a WorkCover or Worker’s compensation claim, this I think would tend to indicate that bullying and harassment complaint fall under the jurisdiction of WHS/HSE manager.

Contrary to this complaints that proceed to the Fair Work Commission in the form of anti-bullying orders seem to be the jurisdiction of the HR manager. Either way I think that it is important for employers or organisation to have trusted and effective training, policing and investigation processes in place. I would love to hear opinions from HR/HSE/WHS managers.

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