Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment – During a training session on sexual harassment prevention & investigation I was asked about the reasonable steps that should be taken to prevent and/or address SH in the workplace.

1. Have a well drafted policy that defines SH and the organisation’s behavioural expectations, how to report SH & consequences for breaching the policy.

2. Make all of your staff aware of the policy, what it is & where to find it.

3. Train your staff on the policy including what is SH, the expectations, what victims can do, what witnesses should do & consequences for breaching the policy.

4. Have a trusted mechanism in place for reporting of SH, how to report & who to. Trusted means the person reporting SH will be listened to with an open mind & action will be taken.

5. Have a trusted mechanism in place for investigating SH complaints, in this case trusted means a timely & professional response/investigation to complaints.

The most important thing for your staff is to have trust in your processes.

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