Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment training, where do you draw the line?

Imagine a customer comes into your office and makes sexually harassing comments towards your staff. What you you as an employer/business owner might have to consider;

• Should you tell the customer that the behaviour in inappropriate?
• But the customer has a two million dollar account
• If you bring up the inappropriate behaviour you could lose the account.

In this case many managers/employers tell the staff members to ignore the customer, after all he has a two million dollar account, is this right? Consider this;
1. If the customer came into the office and stole 5 laptops, would it be ignored?
2. If the customer came into the office in a bad mood and smashed 5 laptops in a fit of anger, would it be ignored?
3. If the customer came into the office and assaulted the manger, would it be ignored?

The likelihood that 1,2 & 3 would not be ignored or tolerated, it’s no different from the customer coming into your office and sexually harassing your employees.

As an employer you are responsible for ensuring that you take all reasonable steps to reduce/eliminate/manage sexual harassment in the workplace.

Understanding the boundaries is very important for you and your employees, not sure, get some training, AWPTI can assist –

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