Workplace Investigation Training Courses

Workplace Investigation Training Courses

Workplace Investigation Training Courses  – Complaints of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment are becoming more common in Australian workplaces, does your HR or management team have the necessary skills to investigate complaints?  Failing to deal with complaints in a timely and professional manner is not only detrimental the parties involved and the workplace in general it can result in further complaints and legal action for a breach of your duty of care, this can be very expensive.

We realise that it is often very difficult to get HR departments and Managers together for lengthy training sessions and with this in mind we have created this one day course designed to provide an understanding of the investigation process especially in the areas of planning and conducting investigations, planning and interviewing the parties, complainants, witnesses and respondents and drafting a final report.

The course includes;

  • The investigation process
  • Why investigate
  • Investigation fundamentals
  • Planning investigations
  • Investigating complaint against managers and reasonable management action
  • Interviewing complainants and witnesses
    • Interview room set up
    • Interview planning
    • Types of questions to ask
    • Investigative interview technique
  • Analysing and evaluating evidence
  • Drafting legally complaint allegations
  • Interviewing respondents
  • Making findings
  • Report writing

The course includes interview practice with facilitators and actors playing the parts of complainants, witnesses and alleged perpetrators

In addition to the skills obtained during this Course participants will have opportunity to

  • Work through an investigation based on a real world scenario from receipt of the complaint to final report including interviewing all the parties
  • Analyse scenarios to develop skills to identify issue and formulate investigation and interview plans
  • Develop and practice their interviewing skills by interviewing actors in the roles of complainants, witnesses and respondents
  • Receive feedback on their interviews and tips and tactics from professional investigators.

Conducting Workplace Investigations training at a time and place to suit you.

We can bring this course to you at your location and at a time to suit you with as many participants as you wish for a fixed price, please contact us for details –

We may, during 2020 offer this course as a public course if there is sufficient interest.

All course participants receive a comprehensive resource workbook that includes everything in the course and much more and our Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox – details here

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Misconduct investigations, bullying investigations, harassment investigations & sexual harassment investigations, complaint investigations, grievance investigations, discrimination investigations

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