Remote Investigations

Remote Investigations – AWPTI is open for business. If the investigation into complaints or grievances in your business is being disputed by the current issues and employees working remotely we can assist you with our remote investigation services.

When employees are working remotely due to a business decision or a need to isolation issues can arise in workplace complaint management. Management of misconduct complaints such as bullying, sexual harassment, theft or fraud are not something that can be placed in the too hard basket regardless of the current issues;
* Perhaps complaints have been received and not yet acted on.
* What about partially investigated complaints?
* What about new complaints?
* What about complaints resulting from having been or denied the opportunity to work from home or complaints resulting from isolation?

AWPTI is ready to help you with our remote investigation system where we can be briefed & conduct all facets of investigations including interviewing the parties & having legally compliant transcripts available without having to interfere with the processes you have in place.

If complaints of bullying and/or discrimination complaints related to COVID 19, it’s origins or people have have tested positive are received it is important for employers and HR departments to react quickly and take action to investigate the complaints.  Failure to take action could result in a lot of immediate adverse publicity in the first instance and a potential for legal action down the track.

We have already seen examples of online bullying and discrimination occurring.

As an employer or HR professional you must decide quickly on your course of action and ask these questions;
1. Can we conduct a investigation remotely in a professional manner
2. Do we have a suitably experienced person to conduct the investigation?
3. Are we able to conduct the investigation in a timely manner, do we have the time?
4. Can we conduct an investigation in an open minded and unbiased manner?
5. Can we take the risk of not getting it right the first time every time?

If the answer to ANY or all of these questions is NO, AWPTI can help, we are ready and able to assist you and take the stress of investigating workplace complaints from you.

You can contact us now at or contact Phil O’Brien direct on 0409 078 322

AWPTI has the ability to interview complainants, witnesses and respondents remotely if they are self isolating to ensure that investigations are conducted in the most timely and efficient manner.

Now mat also be a very good time to ensure that you workplace behavioural polices are up to date and compliant, if not AWPTI can assist with this as well –

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