Workplace Bullies

Workplace Bullies – When bullying in the workplace is ignored it can have long lasting adverse effects on the victims and the organisation as was reported in an article about the Australian Federal Police being sued by WorkCover over a culture of Bullying and harassment – Article here

Ignoring bullies and bullying in the workplace will not make it go away, in fact is tends to send a clear message to perpetrators that that can behave any way they feel like it and to victims that nothing will be done and there is no help for them.

In addition it sends a message to witnesses and all other employees that  “it’s not worth report as nothing will happen.”

During the current working environment with many employees isolated and working from home, it is important not to put issues and complaints in the ‘I can’t deal with this now” file.

As a HR professional or manager it may be time to say “enough” and take a stand to do all you can to take action to remove bullying and bullies from your workplace.

The following is some suggestions about how to be proactive and reactive when dealing with bullies and bullying in the workplace

Workplace Bullies – 8 Strategies you can use.

  1. Review, amend or update your current workplace bullying policy, write a new ones if needed.
  2. Let all your employees know that the policy exists and where to find it, on the intranet etc
  3. Conduct training at all levels including senior managers about the behavioural expectations of your organisation.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable about telling senior managers what they should or should not do,  get expert help, we can assist you with our programs all based on the experience of actual bullying complaints and investigations. –
  5. Be known – make sure everyone knows who you are, where to find you and that you are approachable.
  6. Walk the hallways (your beat) on a regular basis – Go for walk around the office, especially if there are different floors, say hello, be available to answer questions. This will encourage employees to come and have a chat without having to go to the HR office. (When things get back to normal that is).
  7. Have a trusted reporting mechanism to allow your employees to report bullies and bullying. Trust is developed from being available and taking action.
  8. Have a professional and timely investigation process to ensure that complaint are fully investigated and all parties are provided with procedural fairness.

With regard to the investigation of complaints, if you don’t have the skill, experience, willingness and capacity/time to conduct a thorough and legally compliant investigation you should consider the following;

  1. Outsource to a professional
  2. Investigation training

AWPTI can assist with both.

A recent pulse survey conducted by AHRI found that the large majority of HR respondents now work from home (84.2%), as well as some employees in their
teams (96.4%) & their organisations (95.1%) and that Almost 1/3 of HR respondents (29.8%) are experiencing an increased workload of up to 50%, while only 17.1% are experiencing increased hours.

Let us take the stress from you.

Now is not the time to drop the ball when dealing with complaints and grievances even if you are overloaded.  AWPTI can assist you, we can conduct remote or face to face investigations to suit your needs and to take the stress away –

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