Sexual Harassment Training 2020

Sexual Harassment Training 2020 – In light of the recent case involving AMP and the Respect@Work: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020) that stated since 2003, the Australian Human Rights Commission has conducted four periodic surveys on the national experience of sexual harassment. Our most recent survey conducted in 2018 showed that sexual harassment in Australian workplaces is widespread and pervasive. One in three people experienced sexual harassment at work in the past five years ensuring that your workplace has effective sexual harassment training is vitally important.

The inquiry heard that many small employers did not provide formal training to workers about sexual harassment. Where workers in small businesses did receive ‘training’, it was likely to be informal and involve discussions between workers and business owners, rather than formal presentations or structured training activities.

Where employers did provide training to workers, it was typically standalone, structured or formal compliance training, directed specifically to sexual harassment (commonly alongside other forms of workplace misconduct, such as bullying and unlawful discrimination).

The Commission heard that conventional sexual harassment training typically focuses on sharing information with workers on what constitutes sexual harassment, that it is prohibited and how to report it. Proof of training is used to avoid employers’ legal liability.

The Commission heard that training was commonly conducted online, as this was often a cheaper and more flexible option than face-to-face training. Workers also frequently mentioned that they received training when they commenced work (as part of a general program of workplace induction training), and then annually (at best) or only every few years.

How is AWPTI Sexual Harassment Training 2020 different?

We offer 3 types of training.

1 Understanding Sexual Harassment in the workplace – 90 minute to 2 hour session designed for groups.

This session goes far beyond the ‘tick a box’ or non interactive online training that only covers definitions and how to report.  This session consists of questions, case studies and videos for discussion where participants are asked to comment;
* Is this sexual harassment?
* Why and How?
* What should the victim do?
* What would you do?
* How can you help?

The session also includes discussion around actual sexual harassment investigation cases and the Myth Busting section what illustrates comments made by victims that make them feel that they can’t report matters and comments/excuses made by perpetrators in actual interviews.

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2 Understanding Sexual Harassment in the workplace  1 to 1 – 60 – 90  minute session designed for individuals

This session covers the same material as course 1 above. This open course designed for individuals who have had issues in relation to their behaviour that may constitute sexual harassment and as part of the remedial action, training and coaching to understand sexual harassment is recommended.

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Currently course is only by request, please click here for more details and to make a booking.

3. Sexual Harassment Investigation Training 

This course is recommended for HR, WHS professionals and managers involved in the investigation of sexual harassment complaints. This is a highly interactive course where participants work through an actual sexual harassment investigation from the receipt of the complaint, interviewing parties, drafting allegations and making finding and recommendations. This is similar to our general workplace investigation course however it focuses on the investigation of sexual harassment complaints. More details are here

The programs all come with a comprehensive workbook and we can include a post attendance quiz for your employees.

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