AWPTI Testimonials

AWPTI Testimonials – This page contains testimonials from AWPTI clients.

I’ve done similar training on this plenty of times (including IR/ER in my masters) and it can be a pretty dry subject, plus daunting for new managers.  But this was honestly the best session on this I’ve done.  Phil was a great (and credible) presenter, it was engaging (made harder being remote), each aspect was well covered, and the case studies/examples were relevant.  It also worked well being over two sessions.

So just wanted to give you the feedback, and for Phil, that it was a great session.  I hope everyone got something out of it – and it makes them think before acting in these situations.

Darren RyanProject Manager, Westpac RPO - Korn Ferry Melbourne

I thought the training was really well constructed by Phil. The combination of theory and practical examples allowed the team to all get involved and participate, learning as we go.

Having a real life examples and having everyone involved was extremely helpful and put into perspective how an investigation should be constructed. All our questions were answered and Phil used examples to explain and provide detail around those answers.

Very professional and training that is definitely worth it!

Robert CauduroPeople Advisor at Aruma

I thought the training was excellent, and so did my team.  Phil’s perspective – being a lawyer and workplace investigator really helped people to understand the different lens that are applied to these matters.  I like the way he was regularly going back to the data points that he gathers when conducting an investigation.  It was pitched at the right level, and not over complicated (despite the fact that employment law can be complicated).  It was even more impactful when real life KF examples were used because we can really resonate with that.  He covered off the role of the Manager well, and the expectations around seeking to fully understand the situation and handling it appropriately

Personally I’d love to do more training with him, I really enjoyed it.

Deanne BarbarySenior Vice President, RPO, Korn Ferry

It was really valuable to hear directly from an expert in work place investigations who also has had vast experience with Fair Work cases. Phil has some great stories to recount that were very relatable and put the importance of ER in perspective. He was able to clearly define what the responsibilities of a Manager is when it comes to performance management, and provided some useful and practical tips for Manager’s to take away. Phil’s workbook will also act as a useful tool for participants of the course to refer back to. I look forward to working with Phil again in the future.

Lauren KerwoodSenior HR Manager, Korn Ferry

If you or a member of your team are after training on how to handle investigations I highly recommend Phil from Australian Workplace Investigation Training. He is engaging and has extensive investigation experience. Phil’s training was well planned out and he answered all of my questions. The material he provides you with  before and after the training session is a must have. Thanks Phil!

Pauline Murray People and Culture Advisor - Surf Life Saving Queensland

I would highly recommend Australian Workplace Training & Investigation (AWPTI) for your workplace investigation training needs.

Phil O’Brien was the trainer during our session. He displayed great knowledge and expertise by using his real life experiences investigating cases within the workplace. Sharing these with us allowed for a true understanding of what investigations involve.

We were provided the opportunity to work on a case Phil had previously dealt with, where mock interviews were set up with a colleague of his who we had not met. This was great experience that separated the theory side of the course with a practical side, keeping you more engaged and wanting more.

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in choosing this training.

Nicole TrimmisHR Coordinator – Eastern Construction | Fulton Hogan

In 2019 I participated in a 2-day workplace investigations course facilitated by Phil, which I would happily recommend to any HR practitioner. After a full day of learning on Day 1, I had the opportunity on Day 2 to put my investigation planning, interviewing and report writing skills into practice with a based-on-real-life scenario – this experience was invaluable, as were the extensive materials and resources Phil provided upon completion of the course. As a facilitator Phil was engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and very open to my many, many questions! Definitely left feeling better equipped to manage a workplace investigation.

Georgia YoungPeople & Culture Business Partner Jurlique International

My colleague and I travelled down from Darwin to attend a 2 day workshop with Phil on workplace investigations.  We found the scenario based training very engaging and valuable as well as enjoying the experience. Phil is able to draw on his vast experiences as a workplace investigator and is able to pass on his knowledge by having a relaxed style while focusing on the important issues. A very worthwhile training course which was very beneficial to both of us. We would recommend Phil as a professional and engaging trainer.

Ian AmyWHS Adviser Northern Land Council Darwin.

“Phil is an amazing presenter. His knowledge in the area of workplace investigations is second to none and his facilitation style is such that everyone has the opportunity to get involved, ask questions and practice their interviewing skills. The scenarios are real life situations which any manager or HR professional could face. I would rate this as one of the best professional development courses I have done and recommend that you do it too.”

Cynthia CarterPeople & Culture Business Partner, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited

“Phil is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is able to draw on real workplace scenarios due to his broad experience. I look forward to attending future courses Phil facilitates”

Stephen JuddWorkplace Behaviour and Culture Consultant, NSW Health Mid North Coast

“I recently participated in a 3 day advanced workplace investigative skills workshop facilitated by Phil and thoroughly enjoyed and valued it. Phil as a great style as a facilitator and is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter. A very worthwhile program and engaging facilitator.”

Chris HancockDirector, CJ Consulting – HR Solutions Pty. Ltd.

“Mr O’Brien conducted investigations for the YMCA Canberra managing complaints against two members of staff relating to conduct and performance. Mr O’Brien undertook the provision of investigation services providing flexible and cost effective services ensuring that the YMCA did not sustain unnecessary costs. The investigation was completed in a professional and timely manner.”

Patricia WhitfieldExecutive Manager, Human Resources, YMCA Canberra

“Phil from AWPTI conducted an investigation for me into a bullying complaint and I was so impressed by the entire process. Phil strictly ensured all parties involved were provided procedural fairness. I was impressed by the detailed report provided at the conclusion of the investigation, particularly the commercially practical recommendations.

Phil is down to earth and doesn’t complicate discussions with unnecessary jargon and I think this assists with his ability to get unguarded and accurate accounts of what has happened from those being interviewed. I would happily recommend Phil to other organisations seeking support with an investigation and look forward to working him again in the future.”

Jessica RothemundNational Human Resources Advisor, Crown Relocations

“This was a very large 32 page Grievance, with over 3 years of alleged incidents, and which implicated several other staff as witnesses. The complainant did not want to follow our Grievance procedure as she felt her section manager and myself as Head of HR had been complacent in allowing the bullying behaviours to exist (which neither of us had previously been notified of). The complainant had also lodged a Workers Compensation Claim for psychological injury which was investigated separately by our insurer. Consequently, due to the serious nature of the allegations it was decided to engage an external provider, Phil O’Brien.

Phil interviewed numerous highly emotional and distressed staff. He had to work his appointments around both rostered staff and part-time staff availability. He kept me informed on progress and was very direct and straight talking.

His final report was extremely thorough about each alleged incident, and both myself and the Executive felt it would stand up in court should the complainant make good their threat to sue the organisation or go to Work Safe NSW. Incidentally, Phil’s findings also mirrored those from our insurer’s investigation who declined the complainants Workers Compensation claim”

Georgina PearceHead of Human Resources, Sydney Living Museums

“This was a very complex and sensitive matter involving a number of direct and indirect participants. It was also very time consuming as it was necessary for Mr. O’Brien to familiarise himself with the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006, Link-Up’s Constitution and various internal regulations including the Code of Conduct. He was then required to interview staff, other directors who were inadvertently caught up and the director who was the subject of the complaint.

All these matters were handled in a timely and exemplary manner by Mr. O’Brien who was conscious of the sensitivity relating to these serious allegations and the involvement of staff and other directors.

The Report Mr. O’Brien submitted to the board was succinct, fully addressed all the issues and made well-founded recommendations, all of which were adopted.”

Rick RossiterForensic Accountant, Link-Up NSW