Contact & Grievance Officer Training

Basic Complaint Management Training – Initial response

Basic Complaint Management Training – Initial response is a four-hour (half day) course conducted in person (for organisations & groups) or via Zoom or MS Teams.

It is recommended for people managing complaint at the initial stage such as managers, supervisors, Contact or Grievance Officers to assist them to manage initial complaint details, identify and understand grievances, workplace misconduct or interpersonal conflict and manage workplace issues that may require escalation.

Basic Complaint Management Training Content of the course

  • What is the workplace & where does the workplace begin and end, what are the grey areas?
  • The role of the complaint manager
  • Initial complaint/incident response and handling
  • Types of complaints
  • Misconduct or interpersonal conflict
  • What is interpersonal conflict & overcoming interpersonal conflict
  • What is workplace misconduct,
  • Workplace polices and misconduct.
  • What is workplace bullying & harassment?
  • What is sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • Components of sexual harassment & the sexual harassment continuum
  • Respect@Work report and changes to sexual harassment laws including the new positive duty on employers.
  • What is Discrimination in the workplace
  • Conducting initial enquiries & taking reports
  • Incident reports & complaint/Incident response forms
  • Informal or formal investigations
  • Complaint analysis & the complaint ownership theory
  • Victim cantered approach & the Duty of Care
  • Advice – What can be done.
  • Busting the Myths & Legal responsibilities

This session consists of questions, discussion of real-world case studies based on actual complaint investigations and dispute resolution interventions.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand what is workplace, what is interpersonal conflict & how does it occurs
  • Understand what is bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Understand and apply the responsibilities of Managers and Contact Officers under the Anti-Discrimination Act, the Fair Work Act and the Work Health & Safety Act
  • Understand the strategies to allow you to effectively address workplace issues and deal with interpersonal conflict in a timely manner.
  • Gain a practical insight into the types of complaints frequently occurring in the workplaces.

Note we will run this course with limited numbers even just one person.  Currently we are only running in person session for organisations with multiple attendees.

For organisations or businesses who wish to have courses for multiple employees we have a flat rate with no limit on participants, please contact us for details or on 02 9674 4279 if you would like more information or would like to book a course.

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