Basic Dispute ResolutionBasic Dispute Resolution

Basic Dispute Resolution – It is not uncommon for managers to be faced with interpersonal disputes between employees.

Interpersonal disputes can manifest as

  • Argumentative employees
  • ‘He said, she said’ style bullying complaints where it is apparent that there are no witnesses or corroborating evidence making a finding difficult
  • Complaints about work practices or processes
  • Lower end of the scale or minor disputes. (From experience many disputes start off as minor and escalate when nothing is done to resolve the problems)

Unfortunately in the workplace not everyone gets along.

Basic Dispute Resolution can also be used in post investigation situations where is a disciplinary outcome is not recommend and there is a need for relationship re-building.

Ultimately, it may fall to the manager to bring people together and to create harmonious working relationships within teams and departments and in these cases it is important to have a dispute resolution process and strategies in place. The Basic Dispute Resolution 1 and 2 courses have been designed to help you resolve disputes at a local level before that get out of control.

Please note this is NOT a mediation training course.  This dispute resolution intervention  process taught in this course is more of a negotiation where the manager/facilitator works as the negotiator between the parties to come to a mutually acceptable resolution.  The goal is Win/Win – Work towards drafting an agreement between the parties that outlines how their working relationship will function in the future and the best outcome for everyone.

Please note that for complex disputes we advise that you seek the assistance form a professional mediator, you can contact us for detail of people we work with and recommend.

The Basic Dispute Resolution 1 training program is a short course that runs for about 90 minutes to 2 hours, it is a lecture format with some interactive case studies and discussions.

The Basic Dispute Resolution 2 is a half day course that has the same content but in addition provides managers with the opportunity to practice interviewing with our facilitators acting in the role of the complainant.

We recommend a limit of 6 -8 managers in Basic Dispute Resolution 2 to allow for sufficient interview practice time.

These courses are run remotely via Zoom.

The half day programs can be delivered a number of ways;

1 x half day (approximately 4 hours) program.
2 x 2 hour sessions

For organisations we provide a flat rate cost with unlimited participants, the same cost rate is applied to the 2 x 2 divided sessions that can be conducted to suit your timetable for example consecutive days or once a week depending on your needs, we are very flexible.

We will also conduct the course for limited numbers or even 1 person as an On Demand Course, please contact us for details and costs.

The Basic Dispute Resolution training program is also part of the larger Management Essentials Program

This section of Management Essentials can be provided separately live, or we have a recorded option to allow you to purchase the program and deliver it whenever and as many times as you like, please contact us for details –

The training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator as a result of having to investigate a number of complaints against managers that had their origins in disputes where employee were unhappy with the response from a manager and the dispute escalated into further complaints.  The training is not theory based, it is based on actually complaints and issues experience by managers. and designed to ensure that if a complaint is made that the manager acted in the appropriate manner.

Please contact us for more details, costings and to book courses –

This course has been designed for business owners, managers and supervisors of all levels

It is not an in depth Investigation course details are here 

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