Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox 

As an employer or business owner if you are confronted by workplace misconduct you must decide do it yourself or call in an expert. There are a number of reasons for making a decision to do it yourself but often the cost is a major factor, this is where the AWPTI Workplace Investigation document toolbox can assist you at the fraction of the cost of an external investigator.

Using easy-to-follow plain English advice, our DIY investigation toolbox will enable you to conduct a stress-free workplace investigation.  Helpful documents such as our uniquely tailored interview scripts take the hard work out of interviewing complainants, witnesses and the alleged wrongdoers.

The Australian Workplace Training and Investigation toolbox contains full documentation and far more than is offered anywhere else including a full set of workplace instructions, an interview manual, letters, interview scripts and sample investigation reports.

The Workplace Document Investigation toolbox will:

  • Guide you through the entire investigation – from the outset to conclusion
  • Assist you to prepare an investigation plan and draft interview plans
  • Guide you through the process of interviewing with the interview manual and scripts
  • Reduce the fear of being sued by aggrieved employees as a result of a poorly conducted investigation
  • Explain procedural fairness, the rules of evidence, conflict of interest and bias.
  • Tell you the “what”, the “why” and the “how” of workplace investigations

The comprehensive workplace investigation document toolbox contains 35 documents and an Investigation Interview Manual:

  1. Step by step workplace investigation instructions (20 documents) (pdf)
  2. Complaint Analysis Chart (pdf)
  3. Investigation Flow Chart (pdf)
  4. Investigation Interview Manual (pdf)
  5. Template Risk Assessment form (Word doc)
  6. Template investigation plans x 2 (Word doc)
  7. Template letter to the complainant (Word doc)
  8. Template letter to the witnesses (Word doc)
  9. Template initial letter to the respondent (Word doc)
  10. Template letter of allegation to the respondent (Word doc)
  11. Template complainant interview guide/script (Word doc)
  12. Template witness interview guide/script (Word doc)
  13. Template respondent interview guide/script (Word doc)
  14. Sample witness statement (Word doc)
  15. Sample interim report (Word doc)
  16. Sample final investigation report (Word doc)

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