Complaint Analysis Webinar

AWPTI Complaint Analysis Webinar via Zoom – This is the first in a series of free webinars designed to assist HR professionals or managers who may be the first port of call when an employee makes a complaint of workplace misconduct such as bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination.

It is vitally important that you fully understand the complaint before trying to manage or investigate it.

AWPTI recently conducted a free Complaint Analysis Webinar via Zoom. For those who attended a would like a copy of the recording or for those that couldn’t attend the recording can be viewed here on our YouTube channel – AWPTI Complaint Analysis Webinar

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The analysis of misconduct complaints is the first & initially the most important part of any workplace investigation

Without a proper and detailed analysis of a complaint any of the following will be difficult and most likely flawed;
* Investigation planning
* Interview planning
* Conducting interviews with the complainant and witnesses
* Drafting of allegations
* Conducting interviews with respondents
* Evidence analysis
* Report writing.

Teaching complaint analysis is an important part of every investigation course I run and is often eye opener for the participants.

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