Not all complaints are cases of bullying or harassment, at times complaints arise from people who just don’t get along or who just don’t like each other, we class these as disputes or interpersonal disputes.

In some cases a dispute resolution invention might better option to deal with complaints than an investigation especially in matters of a she said, he said nature with little of no other evidence. Each matter must be assessed on it merits.

SafeWork Australia defines workplace conflict as;

“Differences of opinion and disagreements are generally not workplace bullying. People can have differences or disagreements in the workplace without engaging in repeated, unreasonable behaviour that creates a risk to health and safety.

Some people may also take offence at action taken by management, but that does not mean that the management action in itself was unreasonable. However, in some cases conflict that is not managed may escalate to the point where it becomes workplace bullying.”

AWPTI can provide a cost effective solutions to workplace conflict using our dispute resolution intervention model that is designed to create a win win situation for the parties and for your business.

If you have received a complaint and are not sure what to do, go to our home page www.awpti.com.au and request our Compliant Analysis Chart.  The chart will assist you in deciding the best course of action to take when you have received a complaint.

Other areas that can benefit from a dispute resolution intervention are issues around;

  • The allocation of work and developmental opportunities
  • Changes in work practices and processes
  • Changes in reporting lines

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