Downloads – This page will contain materials that can be downloaded and may be assistance to HR professionals, managers and business owners including reports and fact sheets from the Fair Work Commission, the Fair Work Ombudsman, Safework Australia, the Australian Hum Rights Commission and investigation tools and aids

Please feel free to download these items I hope they are of assistance.

FWC Industrial Action Benchbook – FWC Industrial Action Benchbook

Paulson v Industrial Relations Secretary (Department of Justice) – Paulson v Industrial Relations Secretary (Department of Justice)

FWC Unfair dismissal quarterly report –  4th quarter 2016/17 – FWC Quarterly report – unfair-dismissals-4th-qtr-fyr-2016-17

FWC Anti Bullying quarterly report – 4th quarter 2016/17 – FWC Quarterly report – anti-bullying-4th-qtr-fyr-2016-17

Fair Work Commission Annual Report 2016-17 – FWC Annual Report 2016-17

National Centre for Vocational Education Research – Workplace training: employer and employee perspectives – Workplace-training-employer-and-employee-perspectives

Robinson v State of Queensland [2017] QSC 165 at [304] – The Queensland Supreme Court last month awarded $1,703,530 in damages against an employer, whose Chief Executive Officer’s “unjustified blaming, humiliation, belittling, isolation, undermining and contemptuous disregard” of the plaintiff employee resulted in serious psychiatric injury. The employer was found vicariously liable for the CEO’s actions and to have breached its own duty of care – Robinson v State of Queensland [2017] QSC 165 at [304].

FWC General Protections Benchbook – FWC General Protections Benchbook

FWC Industrial Action Benchbook – FWC Industrial Action Benchbook

FWC Updated (August 2017) Unfair Dismissal benchbook – FWC Unfair dismissals benchbook

AHRC_2017_Change The Course – University Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Fair Work Ombudsman Employee or Contractor Fact Sheet

FWC Quarterly report anti bullying-3nd-qtr-fyr-2016-17

FWC Quarterly report – unfair dismissals-3nd-qtr-fyr-2016-17

FWC Anti Bullying Benchbook

FWO Quarterly report to FWO 3nd-qtr-fyr-2016-17

Safework Australia Guide to preventing & responding to workplace bullying

Safework Australia workers guide workplace bullying


Fair Work Ombudsman Bullying and harassment Employee entitlements


AWPTI – Complaint Analysis Chart

AWPTI – Investigation Flow Chart

AWPTI – workplace investigation Sydney and through-out NSW, QLD and Victoria.
Workplace training national wide

Misconduct investigations, bullying investigations, harassment investigations & sexual harassment investigations, complaint investigations, grievance investigations, discrimination investigations