Engage AWPTI

Engage AWPTI

Engage AWPTI – Engaging Australian Workplace Training and Investigation to provide workplace training or to conduct or assist with an investigation in simple.


To engage AWPTI for training the best method is to email us at enquiries@awpti.com.au or through our contact page to inquire or to book one of our training courses. We can also design and facilitate custom built training packages to suit your requirements. Details are here and here


You can email us at enquiries@awpti.com.au or contact us through our contact page to enquire about our investigation service or discuss issue that you may be facing.

Firstly we need a letter of engagement that contains a terms of reference. The letter of engagement simply needs to outline the nature of the issue/s or complaints that you wish us to investigate.

The terms of reference should include;

  • Nature of issues/complaints known at the time;
  • Type of investigation that is required to be undertaken;
  • Authority under which investigation is being undertaken;
  • Scope of the work –
    • What do you want us to do
    • Who do you want us to interview (if known at the time)
    • Applicable time frames
    • Any other relevant information
  • The output of investigation – report, recommendations/findings;
  • A process to amend the terms of reference
  • Any applicable contact details

Upon receipt of your terms of reference we will provide an investigation plan for your approval. If you are unsure of how to draft a terms of reference we will provide you with assistance or templates.

The investigation plan will also include a full costs disclosure. Once the plan is approved we will commence.


We will work always with you to provide a training or investigation solution to suit your budget.

Training: Is usually done via a fixed rate depending on how many participants and how many session you require.

Investigations: You have the option of paying an hourly rate or an agreed fixed price for your investigation. All costing options will be fully disclosed and discussed prior to the commencement of any investigation.

AWPTI – workplace investigation Sydney and through-out NSW, QLD and Victoria. Workplace training national wide

Misconduct investigations, bullying investigations, harassment investigations & sexual harassment investigations, complaint investigations, grievance investigations, discrimination investigations