HR Support

HR Support

AWPTI can provide HR Support in a number of areas including;

  • Drafting policies & procedures
  • Workplace Training
  • Drafting position description and employment contracts
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment
  • Complaint handling

Why do you need HR Support;

  • If you don’t have a dedicated HR department
  • If your HR department is overworked or understaffed and just can’t get to some of these jobs
  • If your HR department is inexperienced and would benefit from some support

We can provide HR Support if you do not have up to date and complaint workplace policies, if you do when was the last time your policies were reviewed?

Benefits of having well-written workplace policies:

  • Well written workplace policies are consistent with the values of the organisation
  • comply with employment and other associated legislation
  • demonstrate that the organisation is being operated in an efficient and businesslike manner
  • ensure uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operational procedures
  • add strength to the position of staff when possible legal actions arise
  • save time when a new problem can be handled quickly and effectively through an existing policy
  • foster stability and continuity
  • maintain the direction of the organisation even during periods of change
  • provide the framework for business planning
  • assist in assessing performance and establishing accountability
  • clarify functions and responsibilities.

HR support from AWPTI can help to ensure that you receive the benefits from well written policies. Essential workplace polices include;

  • Bullying & harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Social media
  • use of resources
  • Internet, IT and email usage
  • Investigation
  • Grievance and complaint
  • Investigation of misconduct
  • WHS policies

We can also provide your organisation with training that clearly outlines their responsibilities in relation to workplace expectations and behaviours.

HR support from AWPTI can also assist with you in regard to writing or reviewing

  • Employment contracts
  • Position description
  • Training programs
  • Code of Conduct

Why have Job Descriptions

Job descriptions improve an organisation’s ability to manage people and roles in the following ways:

  • Clarifies employer expectations for employee
  • Provides basis of measuring job performance
  • Provides clear description of role for job candidates
  • Provides a structure and discipline for company to understand and structure all jobs and ensure necessary activities, duties and responsibilities are covered by one job or another
  • Provides continuity of role parameters irrespective of manager or employee interpretation
  • Enables pay and grading systems to be structured fairly and logically
  • Prevents arbitrary interpretation of role content and limit by employee and employer and manager
  • Essential reference tool in issues of employee/employer dispute
  • Essential reference tool for discipline issues
  • Provides important reference points for training and development areas
  • Provides neutral and objective (as opposed to subjective or arbitrary) reference points for appraisals, performance reviews and counselling
  • Enables formulation of skill set and behaviour set requirements per role
  • Enables organisation to structure and manage roles in a uniform way, thus increasing efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment, training and development, organisational structure, work flow and activities, customer service, etc
  • Enables factual view (as opposed to instinctual) to be taken by employees and managers in career progression and succession planning
  • Used in the recruitment process to assist you and the applicants to understand the role and what is required, ensuring that the selected person can properly commit to the job.

Performance management

Performance management is an area that some HR professional have difficulty with, AWPTI can provide caching, programs and specific training.


While getting the right employee is important the recruitment process must be conducted in a manner that does not breach the Fair Work Act, result on an adverse action claim or result in a complaint of discrimination before the Australian Human Rights Commission.

AWPTI can assist in the recruitment process using behavioral and cognitive interviewing techniques and a comprehensive knowledge of the law relating to adverse action and discrimination.

Complaint handling

An area where HR professionals are frequently complained about is who they handle complaints and grievance

AWPTI can provide assistance in the handling of complaints and grievances and also training for HR professionals.

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