Management Training

Management Training

We have a number of programs that have been designed to assist mangers, supervisors and business owners to navigate the minefield of employee management, misconduct and interpersonal disputes and complaints that can have serious consequences if not dealt with.

All programs are provided by Zoom or MS Teams or can be provided in person if you wish.  They are part of the Live by Request series which means we will conduct the training at a time and date to suit you. Please contact us for more details or to book a session –

All of our programs can be customised to suit your business 

Management Essentials – Full Course – 1 day (5.5 – 6 hours)

Do you have a management training programs that will help your managers understand what Reasonable Management Action (RMA) is? and how the Fair Work Act differentiates RMA from bullying?

The Management Essentials Training Full Course now comprises of five sections;

  • Reasonable management Action (RMA).
  • Performance Management to avoid proven complaints against the manager.
  • Basic Dispute Resolution Interventions
  • Dealing with misconduct and complaint
  • Understanding & dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Details of the The ‘Management Essentials’ full course – Click here for details

Management Essentials Short courses

We understand that time is precious.  Over a number of years at least 50% of bullying complaints I deal with are against managers who in many cases have managed employees, conducted performance management or a review or in some cases it’s something simple like sending an employee an email.  These course are preventative first aid for managers.

For 2024 we have developed two new Reasonable Management Action short course options

Option 1 – Understanding Reasonable Management Action

A 60 – 90 minute course (depending upon the level of interaction from participants) that is recommended for managers and supervisors at all levels to help them to understand the difference between workplace bullying as defined in the Fair Work Act s789FD (1) and Reasonable Management Action as defined in s789FD (2).

Options 2 – Understanding Reasonable Management Action & Performance Management to avoid proven complaints against Managers

A 2.5 minute – 3 hour course (depending upon the level of interaction from participants) that is recommended for managers and supervisors at all levels that in addition to helping them to understand the difference between workplace bullying and Reasonable Management Action also includes a section on how to conduct Performance Management to avoid proven complaints against Managers.

Employment Essentials Management Training

The Employment Essentials Management Training  program has been designed to assist employers, managers, supervisors and business owners to understand and deal with employment related issues.

The training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a qualified lawyer and highly experienced workplace investigator.  Phil has also lectured in Employment Law, Business Law, HR policy and Employment Relations at the University of Notre Dame Sydney since 2014.

Half day course (4 hours) consisting of;

  • Basic employment law compliance (The Fair Work Act)
  • Understanding the different sources of rights and obligations for employees and employers
  • Understanding the differences between the NES, Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreements and Employment Contracts
  • Understanding the employer’s obligations in relation to applications for Flexible Working Arrangements (s65 FWA)
  • Understanding the general legal risks around ending employment, unfair dismissals and general protections
  • Understanding the obligations to prevent and address discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • Reasonable Management Action
  • Recruitment do’s and don’ts (particularly from a discrimination perspective)
  • Wage compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation and the employer’s Duty of Care

Details of the The ‘Workplace Essentials’ course – click here

Understanding Workplace Investigations for managers

HR professional are often confronted with the task of not only conducting or outsourcing workplace investigations into complaints of misconduct such as bully, harassment or sexual harassment but also management the expectations of managers who do not understand the process.

It is a fact that workplace investigations can be complex and take time often requiring significant enquiries and interviews before a final report can be provided, HR professionals are at times under pressure from managers to get it done now.

In response to requests from HR professional to provide a training program that answers questions they are often asked by managers:

  • Does this complaint need to be investigated?
  • What has to happen?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is it finished yet?
  • Why is it taking so long

Details of this program – click here

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