Moot Court – a mock court at which HR Professionals argue imaginary cases for practice.

As a HR professional there are a number of reasons why you might have to go to a court or tribunal including;

  • To present a case or give evidence in an unfair dismissal matter
  • To give evidence in relation to other matters before the Fair Work Commission or Fair Work Ombudsman
  • To give evidence in relation to an investigation into workplace misconduct such as;
    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Sexual harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Theft or fraud
    • Misuse of company resource
    • Breach of company policy or Code of Conduct
  • To give evidence in relation to a workplace incident or accident

Going to court, presenting a case, giving evidence and being cross examined in the witness box can be a nerve racking experience.  Once of the best ways of overcoming nerves is practice.

AWPTI can provide unique Moot Court training for your organisation.

Moot Court Training

We can design a package to suit your budget including;

  • Training for statement and case preparation.
  • Training for witnesses including giving evidence and being cross examined
  • The use of a fully equipped Moot Court
  • Court officials including
    • A Judge or Commissioner
    • Opposing counsel to cross examine you and your witnesses and to provide counter arguments to your  Unfair Dismissal response.

We can design cases and statements for you or you can provide your own and use the Moot Court training as a practice run.

Training can be run over 1 -3 days dependent on your requirements, the longer the course obviously the more actual Moot Court time you will have.

The Moot Court training can also be an interesting and fun team building activity for HR professionals and managers during which you can argue any sort of case you want, a great time to be Perry Mason, Rumpole or your favorite character from Boston legal, Suits or even Rake.

The training facility is located at Broadway in Sydney a 2 minute bus ride or a 5-10 minute walk from Central Railway Station.

If you would like more details please contact us