Reality Based Workplace Investigation Training Australia

Reality Based Workplace Investigation Training Australia – Complaints of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment are becoming more common in Australian workplaces.  HR professionals and/or management teams need the skill to competently investigate complaints.

Failing to deal with complaints in a timely and professional manner is not only detrimental the parties involved and the workplace in general, it can result in further complaints and legal action for a breach of your duty of care, this can be very stressful and expensive.

Workplace investigation training makes good sense BUT – often the workplace investigation training courses while being thorough and full of information, can be dull if it only includes the theory behind the process and ‘death by PowerPoint’.

AWPTI conducts Reality Based Workplace Investigation Training to provide a real world investigation experience where we guide participants through each step of the hands on investigation process. (Example of the programs click here)  It is interesting, engaging and based on the feedback we have received a lot of fun and most importantly is demonstrates best practice.

Reality Based Workplace Investigation Training – The participants work thought an actual investigation (based on a real investigation conducted by AWPTI Principal investigator and trainer Phil O’Brien).

During the course participants will;
* Plan an investigation based on an email and letter of complaint provided
* Review and analysis the complaint/s
* Draft interview plans for complainant, witnesses and respondent
* Conduct interview roles plays with our facilitators in the roles of complainant & witnesses
* Draft allegations based on the evidence of the complainant & witnesses
* Conduct interview roles plays with our facilitators in the role of the respondent
* Analyse all of the evidence and discuss any further enquiries required
* Discuss and make findings
* Discuss the final report

Our default complaint investigation is sexual harassment & bullying matter, however we will tailor the program to suit your needs. In the past we have developed programs to include safety breaches, theft & fraud, discrimination and misuse of resources and breach of policies and Code of Conduct.

In addition to the investigation scenario participants discuss and/or asked to comment on a number of real world case studies providing further insight into the investigation process.

Workplace Investigation Training Australia – AWPTI can provide

* HR Investigation Training
* Management training
* Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment investigation training
* Internal investigation training
* Procedural fairness investigation training

All of our training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator. The programs have been developed as a result of  Phil having to investigate 100s of complaints of misconduct including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, misuse of resources including IT and email and many more.

All of our courses are part of our ‘Live by Request’ training.  This means we will conduct the training at a time/date to suit you via Zoom or MS Teams. Since early in 2020 when working from home became the norm we have found this to be a highly effective and cost saving (to you) means of delivering the training.

All of our investigation training courses include provision of :
* A comprehensive participant workbook that contains all of the information form the course (190 pages approx)
* A full AWPTI workplace investigation documents toolbox valued at $1,200.00 included in the cost of the course- details here
* Access to 3 pre-training investigation webinars

Note we will run this course with limited number even just one person.  The Live by Request courses via Zoom or MS Teams can be run in full days or half day (3.5 hours) sessions.

For organisations or businesses who wish to have courses for multiple employees we have a flat rate with no limit on participants, please contact us for details or on 02 9674 4279 if you would like more information or would like to book a course.

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