Reasonable Management Action TrainingReasonable Management Action Training

Reasonable Management Action Training – One of the issues with complaints of bullying and unfair dismissal claims following performance management is that staff and managers don’t really understand the difference between Reasonable Management Action and bullying and how decisions made by management are not necessarily unreasonable just because a person doesn’t like them.

This course is designed to teach managers, team leaders and supervisors what Reasonable Management Action is, how to carry it out and not to fear managing employees.  Done correctly the Fair Work Act is on you side.

The Fair Work Act s789FD (2) states,

‘Behaviour will not be considered bullying if it is reasonable management action carried out in a reasonable manner.’

This exclusion is comprised of three elements:

  • The behaviour must be management action
  • It must be reasonable for the management action to be taken, and
  • The management action must be carried out in a manner that is reasonable

The Safe Work Australia Guide to preventing & responding workplace bullying states;

“Workplace conflict

Differences of opinion and disagreements are generally not workplace bullying. People can have differences or disagreements in the workplace without engaging in repeated, unreasonable behaviour that creates a risk to health and safety.

Some people may also take offence at action taken by management, but that does not mean that the management action in itself was unreasonable.”

Why is Reasonable Management Action training important?

Complaints against managers by employees are often as a result of the employee claiming that they were bullied and/or harassed by their manager. In general, such complaints are either as a result of;

  1. Management action involving performance management or feedback
  2. Other forms of management action or supervision.

To assist managers and HR professionals we have created the Reasonable Management Action Training program . The training is not just theoretical but rather a guide to be used when dealing with employees and conducting of performance management.  It is based on years of actual experience investigating complaints against managers.

The Reasonable Management Action training program is a short course that runs for about 90 minutes to 2 hours, it is a lecture format with some interactive case studies and discussions, delivered remotely via Zoom.

For organisations we provide a flat rate cost with unlimited participants, that can be conducted to suit your timetable ,we are very flexible.

We conduct the course for limited numbers or even 1 person as an On Demand Course, please contact us for details and costs.

The Reasonable Management Action training program is also part of the larger Management Essentials Program 

This section of Management Essentials can be provided separately live, or we have a recorded option to allow you to purchase the program and deliver it whenever and as many times as you like, please contact us for details –

The training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator as a result of having to investigate a number of complaints against managers that had their origins in performance management, feedback or appraisals.  The training is not theory based, it is based on actually complaints and issues experience by managers. and designed to ensure that if a complaint is made that the manager acted in the appropriate manner.

Figures from the Fair Work Commission in relation to applications for Stop Bullying orders illustrate the high percentage of application for order made against managers. More details here These sort of numbers make understanding reasonable management action and complaint handling absolutely essential for managers at all levels.

Please contact us for more details, costings and to book courses –

This course has been designed for business owners, managers and supervisors of all levels

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