Reasonable Management Action Training

Reasonable Management Action Training

Management Essentials

The ‘Management Essentials’ Reasonable Management Action Training program designed to assist managers to deal with employment related issues, it comprises of four sections;

  1. Reasonable management Action (RMA).
  2. Performance Management to avoid complaints.
  3. Basic Dispute Resolution Interventions
  4. Dealing with misconduct and complaint handling for managers,

This training is recommended for all managers/team leaders/supervisors to help minimise costly and time consuming complaints against managers

The training is conducted by highly qualified and experienced workplace investigators who deal with complaints against managers on a daily basis.  The training is not theory based, it is based on actually complaints and issues experience by managers.

Figures from the Fair Work Commission in relation to applications for Anti Bullying orders illustrate the high percentage of application for order made against managers. More details here These sort of numbers make understanding reasonable management action and complaint handling absolutely essential for managers at all levels.

Full day course covering:

  • The definitions of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ reasonable management action
  • The definitions of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • Why managers get complaints
  • Performance management to avoid complaints, A step by step process to ensure that if a complaint is made following performance management or feedback the manger satisfies the elements of RMA
  • Basic dispute intervention & resolution, including conducting meetings, getting participant buy in, creating agreements
  • Dealing with misconduct and complaint handling for managers also includes basic the investigation process.
  • Legal responsibilities

The Reasonable Management Action Training course provides participants with:

  • Practical skills to enable managers to recognise what is and what is not reasonable management action, bullying, harassment and discrimination and offer strategies to deal with bullying and bullies effecting people in the workplace
  • Strategies to help managers when conducting performance management to help to ensure that they avoid substantiated complaints
  • Techniques to help managers conduct dispute resolution interventions/meetings and resolve workplace interpersonal disputes
  • Information and skills to help managers deal with misconduct and employee complaints in the workplace and to understand and identify the type of complaint and to access the best method to deal with the complaint
  • The opportunity to hear and discuss real investigations
  • The program includes a comprehensive participant workbook with case studies and case from Courts and the Fair Work Commission

This course is offered as an internal or public course. For more details on public courses click here

Management Essentials PLUS also comprises four sections

1. Reasonable Management Action
2. Performance Management, Dealing with Misconduct
3. Basic Dispute Resolution Interventions
4. Complaint/Misconduct Investigation for Managers & HR professionals

Recommended for all managers/team leaders/supervisors and HR professionals who may have to deal with complaints from employees on a semi-regular basis. For those dealing with misconduct and complaints on a more regular basis we recommend the Investigating Workplace Misconduct Plus course –

Two day course:

  • Day one covers the material from the Management Essentials course
  • Day two cover complaint and/or misconduct investigation & Dispute Resolution Intervention in more depth
    • Planning investigations and dispute resolution interventions (DRI)
    • Interviewing complainants, witnesses and perpetrators using actors to play the part of the complainants, witnesses and perpetrators
    • Conducting DRI meetings
    • For Investigations – Drafting legally complaint allegations
    • For DRI – Drafting agreements
    • For investigations – Making findings & Report writing
    • FOR DRI – Finalising agreements

In addition to the skills obtained during the Management Essential component this Course provides participants with:

  • The opportunity to analyse scenarios to develop skills to identify issue and formulate interview plans
  • The opportunity to develop and practice their interviewing and DRI meeting skills by interviewing actors in the roles of complainants, witnesses and respondents
  • Feedback on their interviews and tips and tactics from professional investigators

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