Respect in the Workplace Training Program

Respect in the workplace a training program for all your employees to ensure you create and maintain a positive culture in your workplace.

You are all custodians of your culture.

For an organisation to have and take pride in it’s positive culture, respect, working hard and enjoying each others’ company are important factors.

An environment of respect in the workplace ensures that your positive culture continues in the future.

The program includes;

  • What is the workplace in 2023?
  • What are the ‘grey areas’ in your organisation
  • What is respect in the workplace?
  • Why is respect important
  • How can we build and maintain respect in the workplace?
  • What is interpersonal conflict and how does it differ from workplace bullying?
  • What is bullying & harassment in the workplace?
  • What is Reasonable Management Action
  • The AHRC The Australian Human Rights Commission Respect@Work Report 2020
  • What is Sexual Harassment – including the changes to laws
  • What is sex discrimination?
  • What is the new positive duty on employers?
  • What can you do if you experience or see misconduct
  • Overcoming the Bystander effect
  • Your rights and obligations (including advice for victims and witnesses about reporting)
  • Consequences for employees and employers
  • What can you do, how can you help

Sexual Harassment Positive Duty

On 25 November 2022, the Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Respect at Work) Act 2022 was passed into Law. The Act to implements recommendations from the AHRC 2020 Respect@Work report. It will significantly strengthen Australia’s regulatory framework in respect of sex discrimination, and in particular, sexual harassment.

The centrepiece of the Act is the introduction of a positive duty to prevent sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

More details of the Positive Duty –

How is AWPTI Respect in the Workplace & Sexual Harassment Training 2023 and beyond different?

The courses have been designed and developed and are facilitated by Phil O’Brien, (more details here) a highly skilled and experienced workplace investigator and trainer.  The advantages of having Phil deliver the program for you are;

  • The program is definitely NOT death by PowerPoint.
  • Your participants are able to hear about real life sexual harassment complaints and investigations rather then someone with no real world experience just reading off the script.
  • The sessions are highly engaging with many ‘real world stories’.
  • With case studies and examples for discussions, Q&As and pop quizzes to see what people think what behaviours such as bullying and sexual harassment are
  • Your participants are able to ask questions and get answers relating to real life sexual harassment complaints and investigations.
  • We have found that listening to the real life examples and being able to engage and ask questions makes the sessions more enjoyable and very interesting.
  • Based on the feedback we have received, the sessions are engaging and entertaining.

This program is part of our Live by Request series that can be provided at a  time/date and location to suit your needs.  The program can be presented in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams.

The programs have been developed as a result of  Phil having to investigate 100s of complaints of misconduct including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, misuse of resources including IT and email and many more.  The training is not just theoretical, it is based on actually incidents, complaints and issues experienced.

Please contact us for more details, costings and to book courses –

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