Sexual Harassment Law suit

Sexual Harassment Law suit

Sexual Harassment Law suit –  In addition to changes to the law around sex discrimination and sexual harassment and the new positive duty and the impending AHRC compliance powers (12 December) here is big reason to make sure that your organisations has processes in place to protect your employees from sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

This most definitely includes training on what workplace sex discrimination and sexual harassment are, that they are unlawful and what to do if a person experiences or witnesses sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Christie Whelan Browne seeks $2 million for alleged sexual harassment from the theatre company behind The Rocky Horror Show, alleging it failed to protect her from repeated sexual harassment by fellow cast member

Even if the action for compensation is unsuccessful or the compensatory award is less than the 2 million being sought, the cost of defending the action is likely to far exceed the cost of being proactive by;
1. Having a clearly written and up to date policy in place
2. Ensuring that all your staff know that the policy exists and where to find it
3. Having a process in place to ensure that your staff access, read and understand the policy.
4. Having training in place that supports the policy. Training is a great time to provide the policy and have employees sign a training record.
5. Having a trusted and responsive reporting mechanism in place in the event of an employee experiencing or witnessing sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Trust is built by action
6. Having a professional and timely investigation process if complaints are received or incidents are reported.

This is not rocket science, but it could save your organisation a lot of stress and expense and not to mention reputational damage.

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When it comes to workplace sexual harassment I believe that there are a number different areas that need to be addressed and as a result I have developed 4 versions of the highly sought after Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace training program that can be delivered to organisations of all sizes. I can deliver the training in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams anywhere in Australia. Full details here

All of the versions of the Understanding Sexual Harassment in the workplace are not one size fits all, tick a box training;

1 – Employees version – provides practical skills to help enable you and your employees recognise what is and what is not sexual harassment, that it is unlawful and also to offers strategies to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

2 – Manager’s version – this version also includes advice for managers, employers, business owners etc on how to initially manage sexual harassment complaints from employees.

3 – Organisational version – This is an extended program that goes beyond the standard version to include the steps that organisations must take to ensure compliance with the new positive duty.

4 – Individuals version 1 to 1 – for those who have had issues in relation to their behaviour that may constitute sexual harassment and as part of the remedial action, training and coaching to understand sexual harassment has been recommended or mandated

In addition I also provide the Sexual Harassment Investigation 2 day course – Recommended for HR professionals and managers involved in the investigation of misconduct or complaints of sexual harassment.

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All courses are Live by Request conducted at a time/date to suit you, dates in October & November are filling up so please contact me if you would like any further information or would like discuss making a booking.

All courses are charged at a flat rate with no limit on attendees.

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