Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training 2
* Has your organisation satisfied it’s duty of care when it comes to addressing sexual harassment?
* Do you have workplace training in place that ensures your employers understand what is sexual harassment, the behavioural expectations of your organisation and their rights and obligations
* Are you confident that you have taken all reasonable steps to  ensure that your employees are not subject to sexual harassment.

*** All of our courses can be tailored to suit your individual needs ***

As a result of a number of recent requests we have created a new interactive sexual harassment training programs.

Method 1 – Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 & Plus – facilitated by AWPTI – see program details below

The programs are be facilitated by Phil O’Brien, (more details here) a highly skilled and experienced workplace investigator and trainer.  The advantages of having Phil deliver the program for you are;

  • Your participants are able to hear about real life sexual harassment complaints and investigations.  The sessions are highly engaging with many ‘war stories’.
  • Your participants are able to ask question and get answers relating to real life sexual harassment complaints and investigations.
  • We have found that listening to the ‘war stories’ and being able to engage and ask questions makes the session enjoyable and very interesting.
  • The sessions based on feedback is engaging and entertaining.

Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 program provides practical skills to help enable you and your employees recognise what is and what is not sexual harassment and also to offers strategies to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

The program has six components;

  • What is sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment – busting the myths
  • Your rights and obligations
  • Power emotional and control
  • Consequences
  • What can you do
  • Legal Responsibilities

With questions and answer sections and videos, the program encourages participants to engage and provide their opinions on that is and what is not sexual harassment and identify which myths about sexual harassment are true or false.

In this session, 60 to 90 minutes, participants review a number of scenarios and discuss

The course can also includes a quiz to be completed by participants after the session.

Understanding Sexual Harassment PLUS is a two part program, part one as above with part two giving participants a closer look at sexual harassment in varied forms and allow them to have a voice in detection and prevention.

In this session, 60 to 90 minutes, participants review a number of scenarios and discuss

  • Is it sexual harassment and why
  • What would you do?
  • What should/could the victim do?
  • What are the issues that need to be addressed with the perpetrator?
  • What can/should the organisation do?

The course also includes a quiz to be completed by participants after the session.

The programs are is always tailored to your needs as far as times, length and the number of people attending.

You can check out and please connect to Phil’s LinkedIn profile here

Method 2 – Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 – Do It Yourself –  more details

This is the same material as Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 (see below), we send you all the materials to allow you to conduct the course yourself.

Method 3 – Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 online version – more details – (In development/Coming soon)

This course is broken down into 5-10 minute video tutorials covering the materials from Understanding Sexual Harassment 1 (see below), we send you all the videos and other materials to allow you to provide them to your employees at a time suitable to you.

Note: With this option you will need an IT department with the capability up upload videos and other materials and the participant quiz into your server for delivery to your staff. All videos come in MP4 format but can be converted to other formats is you require.

This is are not a cheesy animated video series. Each video features Phil O’Brien delivering the session as if he were there in person.

With all the publicity surround sexual harassment in the media, including Hollywood, Don Burke, Craig McLachlan are more recently the Australian music industry  and Australasian theatre, films and television and the AFL now is the time to ensure that you take pro-active action to protect your organisation.

The programs all come with a comprehensive workbook and a post attendance quiz for your employees.

Contact us today to book in and for details of availability and costs –

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