Anti bullying policy training

An anti bullying policy should be considered to “best practice” in any organisation.  The policy should outline,

  • What is unacceptable behaviour
  • What behaviours may constitute bullying.
  • What is not bullying
  • What are the responsibilities of employees at all levels in relation to acceptable behaviour and bullying?
  • The process of reported and investigating complaints of bullying
  • Possible resolutions to bullying complaints

It is becoming increasingly common for employees to assert they are being bullied when reasonable management action has taken place, such as feedback and performance counselling.

In relation to workplace behaviour, it is widely accepted that employees should treat one another with courtesy and respect. However, in many cases this is not a message that is reinforced. The workplace anti-bullying policy, along with other relevant policies, provided the opportunity to highlight the concept of respect.

Modern Australian workplaces are made up of diverse groups of people, this means that employees may have different views about what is acceptable behaviour and how to conduct themselves at work.

It is important that employers create a clear and consistent message regarding behavioural expectations by;

Clearly defining:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Unacceptable conduct
  • Procedures for reporting bullying or unacceptable conduct
  • The investigation process
  • Outcomes of substantiated complaints of bullying in the workplace
  • Confidentially and victimisation


As important as having a policy, training should be conducted to reinforce the policy and allow employees to ask questions and understand that workplace bullying poses a serious threat to health and safety and that organisations have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to prevent and/or respond to bullying.

If your organisation need help draft an anti-bullying policy or creating a facilitating training AWPTI can assist.

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