Training on Video

Training on video

Training on Video new for 2024.

Training on Video – We are now providing our courses in video format, currently the programs are available as a one-time purchase with no limits on usage or time.  A subscription based model is expected to be available mid-2024.

The programs have exactly the same content as our in person or remote presentation with a introduction and a narration over a PowerPoint presentation.  The programs are not designed to be fancy with silly graphics and imbedded videos that do not add any value.  The programs are about providing information in a clear and concise manner.

The videos provide explanations and definitions on subjects such as workplace sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination and the associated laws as well as examples and case studies.  The programs also comes with facts sheets and participant manuals.

The videos are perfect for individual or group learning. Contact us today for more details, now is the time to act –

Training on video


  • It is cost effective
  • Your employees can complete the programs in their own time
  • You can run multiple sessions at no extra cost
  • New employees can complete the programs at any time

Currently available.

Understanding Sexual Harassment Employee video version

Understanding Sexual Harassment Training – On 25 November 2022, the Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Respect at Work) Act 2022 was passed into Law. The Act to implements the recommendations from the AHRC 2020 Respect@Work report

The Act amends the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) by introducing a new Positive Duty for all employers to take ‘reasonable and proportionate measures’ to eliminate, as far as possible, unlawful sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sex-based harassment, hostile work environments and victimisation.

The positive duty has highlighted the need for training that includes;

  • What sexual harassment is
  • That it is unlawful
  • What to do if an employee is subjected to or witnesses sexual harassment.

This new video is the employee version of the training program that will assist your employees to recognise and understand workplace sexual harassment. The is approximately 60 minutes long.

The program can be purchased as a single 60 minute video or 6×10 minute session videos.

The content of this program can be found here –

Understanding Sexual Harassment Managers video version

This new video is the manager/supervisor version of the training program that in addition to the above will assist your manager/supervisor to manage complaints of understand workplace sexual harassment should they occur

The manager/supervisor version of the course, presented by way of narration over PowerPoint and is approximately 75 minutes long.

The program can be purchased as a single 75 minute video or multipe shorter videos

The content of this program can be found here –

Training on video – Purchasing.

Please contact to place your order and provide the following information;

  • The name and address of your organisation (or name if it is for an individual)
  • Contact person
  • ABN (if appiciable)
  • Your program option – 1 long video or multiple short videos.

We will then provide you with a tax invoice. Once the invoice has been paid we will provide you with a Dropbox link from which you can download the video, it is yours to keep and use as much as you want within the boundaries of the copyright notice below.


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You may download contents for your organisational (or personal use only). You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.