Trauma Informed workplace Investigations Training

Trauma Informed Workplace Investigations

Trauma Informed Workplace Investigations Training. Being subjected to bullying, harassment discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace can be a traumatic event. Reporting the incident or behaviour and recounting events to a manager or HR can add to the trauma.

Participating in an investigation can further traumatise the victim.

While the job of the workplace investigator is to gather evidence, come to a finding and make recommendations, it is also paramount that the investigator does not make matters worse.

Everyone responds in different ways to the trauma of being subjected to bullying, harassment, discrimination, or sexual harassment. As an investigator you won’t know how this is affecting the individual so it is therefore vital that an investigator understands what trauma is, as well as its effects.

Trauma is an emotional response to an incident that a person may find to be physically or emotionally disturbing or harmful. It can be triggered by a single or repeated incidents or even through a close connection with someone who experiences a traumatic event. This is referred to as secondary trauma.

Trauma can impact a victims ability to recall information. Memories may be inaccurate, disjointed and the person may not be able to explain the absence of information.

Conducting the investigation

The part of the investigation that directly affects the complainant (victim) which can add to the trauma is the interview. Victims rarely get an insight into the complaint analysis, investigation and interview planning stages; however it is vitally important that these stages are carefully and professionally carried out. It is vitally important that you ensure that victims feel safe during the process.

This is not a full investigation training course. It is a course based around the interview, teaching best practise trauma informed interviewing technique. The best way to ensure that the interview component doesn’t cause further trauma is to be well versed in the practise of conducting trauma informed interviews.

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Trauma Informed workplace Investigations training program

This programs is essential for all employers, managers and HR professional, it provides practical skills to help enable you to conduct effective trauma informed workplace enquiries or investigations ensuring that you process does not further traumatise the victim.

The session goes far beyond the ‘tick a box’ training that only covers definitions and how to report.  This session consists of questions and case studies where participants are asked to comment.

This is now part of our ‘Live by Request’ series. It’s 90 minutes (depending on the level of participant interaction, questions etc) in length and can be delivered in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams anywhere in Australia or internationally.

We will soon be making a version on video available.

The program contents;

  • Initial complaint handling
  • Complaint analysis
  • Enquiry or Investigation planning
  • Interview planning
  • Conducting an interview
  • The PEACE model
  • The questions to ask & the questions not to ask
  • Common mistakes made by inexperienced or untrained investigators
  • Why investigate
  • Failure to investigate
  • Definitions, bullying and sexual harassment
  • Sex Discrimination laws
  • Why don’t victims report
  • Evidence
  • The investigation process
  • Managing difficult enquiry/investigation parties
  • Managing expectations
  • Procedural fairness
  • Bias & Conflict of Interest

This is a highly interactive course where participants work through the process of trauma informed investigation from the receipt and analysis of the complaint, interview planning and preparation, interviewing.

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