Understanding Workplace Investigations

Understanding Workplace Investigations for managers – Do you have a program to help your managers understand why workplace investigations are important and how the process works?

HR professional are often confronted with the task of not only conducting or outsourcing workplace investigations into complaints of misconduct such as bully, harassment or sexual harassment but also management the expectations of managers who do not understand the process.

It is a fact that workplace investigations can be complex and take time often requiring significant enquiries and interviews before a final report can be provided, HR professionals are at times under pressure from managers to get it done now.

In response to requests from HR professional to provide a training program that answers questions they are often asked by managers:

  • Does this complaint need to be investigated?
  • What has to happen?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is it finished yet?
  • Why is it taking so long

Understanding Workplace Investigations for managers

The 3.5 hour course consist of;

  • Types of complaints (definitions and examples)
  • Why investigate
  • The investigation process
  • The key issues in investigations
  • Procedural Fairness, Fair Work Commission
  • Investigating complaints against managers, Reasonable Management Action

The course is designed to assist mangers to understand the process and also to help take the pressure off HR professionals.

We are delivering this course remotely via Zoom.  We will still run face to face sessions if you prefer.

For organisations or businesses who wish to have internal courses for their employees we have a flat rate with no limit on participants, please contact us for details

For individuals we are offering this course as a On Demand course, contact us for details – enquiries@awpti.com.au

All course participants receive a comprehensive resource workbook that includes everything in the course and much more

Managers training Understanding Workplace Investigations can be combined into a full day program with Management Essentials customised to suit you business

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