Understanding Workplace Misconduct Training

Currently this course is Live by Request, contact us for details please see below to make a booking or contact us and we can arrange a time and date to suit you – enquiries@awpti.com.au

Delivery: Via Zoom
Date: To suit your needs or timetable
Time: To suit your needs or timetable
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes depending on participant interaction
Cost: $1,250.00 plus GST

Organisations will also receive a copy of the Misconduct Manual valued at $55.00 included in the cost.

Please contact us for more details or to confirm a booking date – enquiries@awpti.com.au.

This training is recommended for employees at all levels to help minimise workplace misconduct including bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment and interpersonal disputes.

The training is conducted by highly qualified and experienced workplace investigators who deal with complaints against managers and interpersonal disputes on a daily basis.  The training is not theory based, it is based on actually complaints and issues experience by managers.

60 to 90 minutes covering:

  • What is workplace misconduct?
  • What is the workplace in 2021?
  • Workplace Polices and Misconduct
  • What is workplace bullying?
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Swearing in the workplace
  • What is sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • Components of sexual harassment.
  • What is discrimination in the workplace?
  • Misuse of resources including IT
  • What would/should you do
  • Why do people bully?
  • Busting the Myths
  • Your rights and obligations

The ‘‘Understanding Workplace Misconduct’ course provides participants with:

  • An understanding of the behavioural expectation of your workplace.
  • Practical skills to enable employees to recognise what is and what is not bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment and offer strategies to deal with bullying and bullies effecting people in the workplace
  • Strategies and tactics to help employees if they have been the subject or have witnessed misconduct in the workplace.
  • The opportunity to hear and discuss real investigations into misconduct in the workplace

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