Workplace Assessment Pulse Surveys

Workplace Assessment Pulse Surveys can be used when you’re not quite sure what the source of conflict is, or you need someone independent to make that assessment on issues that have occurred in the workplace. (No it’s not your eyes, the image is blurry to represent that not all conflicts and issues in a workplace are easy to see).

At times as a result of the nature of your business your human resources team and often senior managers are not in the same location as the employees or teams experiencing conflict. In this case you may get conflicting reports and accounts about what has or is happening.  This can make it very hard to get to the bottom of issues and to reconcile the different versions or complaints and counter complaints.

It is not uncommon for HR professionals and managers to inherit a team that was already dysfunctional, in this case you may need an independent expert assessment about what the issues are and some ideas about how to get the team working at their optimum.

AWPTI has assisted organisations with workplace assessment pulse surveys where organisations have become aware of issues in the workplace by way of;

  • Anonymous complaints
  • Non-specific complaints
  • Observations
  • Gossip and rumours

Without specific information it can be very difficult to take action or to conduct an investigation. In such cases we recommend conducting a workplace pulse or climate survey during which staff members are interviewed and asked their opinions on various subjects. At times you may consider that a workplace investigation is not the best course of action to address the issues or incidents an assessment enquiry may be a better way to go. A workplace assessment enquiry is not disciplinary but it will aid to gathering information and selecting the best option.

Workplace Assessment Pulse Surveys can be conducted in a number of ways from document review, surveys, focus groups and one on one sessions with individual members of staff.

We will work with you to formulate interview plans and questionnaires to address the specific areas of concern for the organisation.

The final phase of the process is preparing the report and presenting the information in both statistical and anecdotal form. We work with you to implement the recommendations and monitor the progress of the team

All of the information gathered during a survey including the identification of the organisation and all of the parties interviewed is maintained as strictly confidential with only the engaging organisation being provided with details of the interviewee responses.

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