Workplace Bullying Training

Workplace Bullying Training

Workplace Bullying Training and the cost of bullying to organisations, employers & employees

This is an interesting article from New Zealand, I would expect that the results would be much the same in Australia and other jurisdictions –

It is interesting to note that the research found that the cost to employers over a 12 month. Was around $1.34 billion that’s a big expense any way you look at it.

In addition to the financial toll that this is having on organisations an employers it is also important to note and to focus on the toll that it has on employees who are subjected to workplace bullying. The adverse effects on employees can include anxiety, stress depression, an extensive list of physical manifestations of the anxiety and stress all the way up to and including suicidal thoughts and actions.

It must be remembered that workplace bullying was the catalyst for changes to the law in Victoria as a result of the Cafe Vamp case commonly referred to as Brodie’s law which extended the stalking legislation in the Crimes Act to include workplace bullying a crime that Is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

What can employers do?

According to the report and I agree with these suggestions some of the measures that employers can take to respond to bullying and harassment include:

  • Establishing well-defined policies and procedures to prevent and respond to such incidents
  • Implementing comprehensive training programmes for employees and managers to create awareness, promote prevention, and develop a culture of respect and inclusivity within the workplace
  • Fostering an open and supportive environment where employees feel safe reporting incidents, have access to independent complaints services, and where workplace investigations are prompt

While a lot of training that I have conducted over the past three years has involved respect in the workplace and understanding workplace sexual harassment it is important to remember that training relating to other forms of misconduct including bullying harassment and discrimination is equally as important.

Workplace Bullying Training – How can AWPTI help?

The Understanding Workplace Misconduct program provides practical skills to help enable you and your employees recognise what is and what is not misconduct.

This is now part of our ‘Live by Request’ series. It is 90 minutes in length dependent on the level attendee participation.  The session is delivered in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams.

With questions, answer and discussion sections the program encourages participants to engage and provide their opinions on that is and what is not misconduct and identify which myths about bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment are true or false.

Importantly this course covers changes to sex discrimination and sexual harassment laws and the new positive duty on employers following the AHRC Respect@Work report.

The program has the following components;

  • What is workplace misconduct & what is the workplace in 2024
  • Workplace Polices and Misconduct
  • What is workplace bullying
  • What is reasonable management action
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Managing aggressive behaviours
  • Violence in the workplace & de-escalation strategies
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Swearing in the workplace
  • What is sexual harassment, what is sex discrimination?
  • Components of sexual harassment
  • The sexual harassment continuum
  • Why don’t victims report
  • AHRC* Sexual Harassment survey and the Respect@Work Report
  • Changes to sexual harassment and sex discrimination laws
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Misuse of resources including IT & email.
  • What would/should you do
  • The Bystander effect
  • Busting the Myths
  • Obligations and Consequences
  • Legal responsibilities & Duty of Care

Understanding Workplace Misconduct extended for Managers.

This course is designed for managers who want to ensure that are able to respond and manage misconduct complaints in the workplace including bullying harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment and for the organisation to be able to satisfy the new Positive Duty.

This 90 minute to 2 hour (depending on the level of participant interaction, questions etc) course is part of our ‘Live by Request’ series and can be delivered in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams anywhere in Australia or internationally.

The program contains the same content as the employee version but also includes advice for managers, employers, business owners etc on how to initially manage misconduct complaints from employees, take the next steps and potentially resolve matters .

This programs provides practical skills to help enable your managers recognise what is and what is not bullying and sexual harassment and also offers strategies to deal with misconduct in the workplace.

This program can be run in groups for larger organisations or individuals in smaller organisations. For organisations we have a flat rate with no limit on the number of attendees

Custom versions

This course is an extended employee or manager versions where we include case studies and examples that participants work through as part of the sessions using the participant manual followed by discussions.

The case studies can be set by AWPTI or set in conjunction with the client if they have particular issues or scenarios that they would like addressed.

Typically the custom sessions run for 2 hours, however this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Video versions of the employee and managers programs

These versions are exactly the same as the courses presented in person or remotely with an introduction and a narration over the PowerPoint and is approximately 60 (employee version) and 75 (managers version) minutes long.

The programs are not designed to be fancy with silly graphics and imbedded videos that do not add any value. The programs are about providing information in a clear, concise and in an understandable manner.

The program can be purchased as a single video or multiple shorter videos.

I have a number of options in the understanding workplace misconduct training program. Options for employees, for managers that can be provided in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams anywhere in Australia or Internationally.

These programs are part of the Live by Request series which means they can be conducted at a time and date to suit your needs

There are also video versions available for purchase.

Details of other prgams can be found here –

Please contact moe if you would like to know more or discuss making a booking