Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox

Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox

Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox – Conducting a workplace investigation into misconduct including, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, fraud or misuse of company resources such as IT or social media is misunderstood by far too many employers, often to their detriment.

When confronted by workplace misconduct you must decide do it yourself or call in an expert. There are a number of reasons for making a decision to do it yourself but often the cost is a major factor, this is where the Australian Workplace Training and Investigation toolbox can assist you at the fraction of the cost of an external investigator.

Using easy-to-follow plain English Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox will assist you to conduct a stress-free workplace investigation.  Helpful documents such as our uniquely tailored interview scripts take the hard work out of interviewing complainants, witnesses and the alleged wrongdoers.

The AWPTI Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox contains full documentation and far more than is offered anywhere else including a full set of workplace instructions, an interview and other manuals, letters, interview scripts and sample investigation reports.

The Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox will:

  • Guide you through the entire investigation – from the outset to conclusion.
  • Assist you to analyse complaints prior to you draft your interview plan
  • Assist you to prepare an investigation plan and draft interview plans
  • Guide you through the process of interviewing with the interview manual and scripts
  • Reduce the fear of being sued by aggrieved employees as a result of a poorly conducted investigation
  • Explain procedural fairness, the rules of evidence, conflict of interest and bias.
  • The word docs allow you to use the templates and customise them for your company and your investigation.

The comprehensive standard workplace investigation toolbox contains 50 documents & manuals

  1. Step by step workplace investigation instructions (17 documents) (pdf)
  2. Complaint Analysis Chart (pdf)
  3. Investigation Flow Chart (pdf)
  4. Investigation Interview Manual (pdf)
  5. Procedural Fairness Manual (pdf)
  6. Reasonable Management Action Manual (pdf)
  7. Sexual harassment Manual (pdf)
  8. Evidence Manual (pdf)
  9. Template Participants Confidentially Agreement (Word doc)
  10. Template Risk Assessment form (Word doc)
  11. Template investigation plans x 2 (Word docs)
  12. Template letter to the complainant (Word doc)
  13. Template letter to the witnesses (Word doc)
  14. Template initial letter to the respondent (Word doc)
  15.  2 versions of the template letter of allegation to the respondent (Word docs)
  16. Template complainant interview guide/script (Word doc)
  17. Template witness interview guide/script (Word doc)
  18. Template respondent interview guide/script (Word doc)
  19. Sample witness statement (Word doc)
  20. Sample interim report (Word doc)
  21. Sample final investigation report (Word doc)
  22. The guide to using the Complaint Analysis Chart (pdf)
  23. Complaint Analysis Manual (pdf)
  24. Template Client/consultant Confidentially Agreement (Word doc)
  25. Template complainant outcome letter (Word doc)
  26. Template respondent outcome letter (Word doc)
  27. Template witness outcome letter (Word doc)
  28. A sample executive summary of the investigation for senior management. (Word doc)
  29. Information sheet –  Legislative context for workplace bullying and harassment and Reasonable Management Action
  30. NEW – Incident Report Form (Word doc)
  31. NEW – Incident Complaint/Incident response form (Word doc)
  32. NEW – Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment report form (Word doc)

Special price $1,200.00 (plus GST)

To purchase the standard toolbox please contact me
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The advanced level document and video toolbox includes links to 11 investigation training videos.

The advanced document/video toolbox includes all of the documents from the standard toolbox plus links to 11 investigation training videos.

3 Investigation process videos
* Complaint Analysis
* Interview planning
* Complainant Interviewing.

Also includes –

* A sample marked up complaint based on the complaint based on the Complaint Analysis video link
* A sample interview plan based on the complaint contained in the Complaint Analysis video link

8 videos of demonstrations of investigative interviews with the parties in the investigation scenario contained within the highly recommended Conducting Workplace Investigations course conducted by our facilitators for review and future reference.

Special price $1,750.00 (plus GST)
To purchase the advanced toolbox please contact me
I will provide you with a Tax invoice and a link were you can download the toolbox once the invoice is paid. Our system will accept EFT and credit cards

Similar products are sold other places higher prices and do not include our step by step investigation instructions, the manuals, template form or access to the videos.

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