Workplace Investigation Evidence Manual

Workplace Investigation Evidence Manual – Are a manager or HR professional that may have to conduct interviews in relation to workplace issues such as misconduct, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or any other incidents, if so do you understand the investigative interview process?

Do you know what questions to ask and what not to ask, what questions are admissible if the matter were to go to court and what questions are not?

The AWPTI Workplace Investigation Evidence Manual has been designed as a practical guide for the gathering of evidence during a workplace investigation.

The manual will assist you in understanding:
What is evidence
The process of gathering and handing evidence
The presentation of evidence in a court or tribunal..

This manual is not a theoretical publication but rather a guide to be used during an actual workplace investigation. It is not a massive book that takes days to read with little actual relevance, it is 12 pages of invaluable information that can be quickly and easily read and understood.

The manual contains:

  • What is evidence?
  • The rules of evidence
  • Handling evidence
  • Evaluating evidence
  • Handling evidence – The chain of evidence – Seizure
  • The Chain of evidence – Recording
  • The chain of evidence – Storage
  • Creating and maintaining the chain of evidence
  • The storage and recording of evidence
  • Giving Evidence in Courts or Tribunals
  • The process of giving evidence
  • Court & Tribunals Etiquette and Protocols
  • Types of evidence given in court

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