Workplace Investigations Peer Mentoring

Workplace Investigations Peer Mentoring – there may be a number of reasons why you wish to conduct an internal workplace investigation such as the cost of outsourcing or the opportunity provide you and/or your team with valuable experience.

It is wise of consider that getting it right the first time every time is paramount when it comes to workplace investigations such as those involving bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and other forms of misconduct such as misuse of company property or IT facilities. It is important to remember that your employees livelihood, your position and the reputation of your company may depend on the conduct of a professional and timely investigation. Don’t run the risk of being criticised if the investigation process is reviewed in a tribunal or court.

If you intend to conduct a workplace investigation internally AWPTI can assist by peer mentoring you before, during or after the process, including helping you to plan the investigation, acting as your support person during interviews, reviewing evidence with you and providing guidance as required during the report writing process. Please contact us for details and costing

In addition we can provide a number of training programs to assist you and your team to understand and conduct professional investigations.  All of our workplace investigation training programs include working through an investigation based on a real life case during the course of which participants created investigation and interview plans and actually interview facilitators and actors in the roles of complainants, witnesses and the person subject of the complaint.  More details here.

We ensure that our Workplace Investigations Peer Mentoring and training programs are consistent with the requirements of the Fair Work Commission and relevant State Industrial Relations Commissions.

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