Workplace Respect

Workplace Respect – a program essential for all employers and organisations designed to develop and promote Workplace Respect and also helps satisfy the employers duty of care towards employees especially in light of recent changes to sexual harassment laws. (Details of new laws here)

When I come into a workplace to investigate complaints of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination regardless of the actual behaviour it always comes down to a lack of one thing – ‘Respect’.

I always recommend to employers to have included in your policy something like, “all employees are expected to treat each other with respect, courtesy and dignity”, this covers every form of behavioural misconduct.

Workplace Respect helps to develop a positive culture and a happy work environment. Every employee is a custodian of your culture.  If your organisation takes pride in it’s positive culture, working hard and enjoying each others’ company socially then an environment of respect in the workplace ensures that your positive culture continues in the future.

Workplace Respect

No one wants to feel they are being disregarded, regardless of your role, you want to feel like your ideas, feelings and presence are respected.

Allowing employees to display disrespectful or degrading behaviours will result in a poor workplace culture, is likely to increase employee turnover and likely a failure to satisfy your duty or care to your employees.

To build and maintain a respectful workplace:

  • always treat each other with courtesy, respect and consideration
  • avoid negativity
  • be inclusive, value others and accept differences
  • recognise the efforts and achievements of others.

Respectful communication is our capability to assert our views and listen to the views of others.

This is particularly important when there are conflicts in the workplace or any kind of miscommunication.

With this in mind I have create a new Respect in the Workplace training program. This program is definitely NOT death by PowerPoint.

Workplace Respect program is highly interactive with case studies and examples for discussions, Q&As and pop quizzes to see what people think and what the behaviours such as bullying and sexual harassment are.

In the program I cover;

* What do we mean by ‘workplace’
* What are the ‘grey areas’ in your organisation
* What is respect in the workplace?
* Why is respect important?
* How can we build and maintain respect in the workplace?
* What is Bullying & harassment – what is it, how does it occur
* What is Sexual Harassment – including the changed legislation in this space
* What can you do if you experience or see misconduct
* Over coming the Bystander effect

This Workplace Respect program is part of our Live by Request series that can be provided at a time/date and location to suit your needs. The program can be presented in person or remotely via Zoom or MS Teams. Details of the program are here

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Here is information about the changes to sexual harassment laws and the new Positive duty –

All of our training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator. The programs have been developed as a result of  Phil having to investigate 100s of complaints of misconduct including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, misuse of resources including IT and email and many more.  The training is not just theoretical, it is based on actually incidents, complaints and issues experienced.

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