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With an increase in complaints of misconduct, including bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment, it is crucial for HR departments, managers, and business owners to possess the necessary skills to conduct workplace investigations. Failing to address complaints promptly and professionally not only harms the individuals involved but also jeopardises the overall work environment, potentially leading to further complaints and legal actions that can be financially burdensome. That’s where engaging the Zoom workplace investigation training services of Australian Workplace Training and Investigation (AWPTI) comes in, relieving you of the stress and potential accusations of bias, and allowing you to focus on your core business responsibilities.

AWPTI offers remote zoom workplace investigation training services that effectively address the challenges posed by employees working from home or in isolation. We understand that the investigation of misconduct complaints such as bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment cannot be delayed or put on hold. We alleviate the burden of handling these matters, freeing you to manage your numerous responsibilities. Our

Supply your HR team, managers, and business owners with the skills necessary to handle workplace complaints effectively. AWPTI‘s Zoom Workplace Investigation Training empowers your personnel to conduct investigations with confidence and competence. Enhance your complaint handling procedures and ensure a fair and supportive work environment by investing in our comprehensive training program. Don’t let workplace issues escalate or compromise your duty of care. Choose AWPTI’s Zoom workplace investigation training to bolster your skills and protect your organisation from potential legal and reputational risks. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored training solutions and begin your journey towards stronger complaint management.

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